These Stories of Rescued Cats and Dogs Might Just Make You Want to Adopt One

Pets are instant stress relievers.

These fur balls of sunshine are the most loyal companions you’ll ever find. However, every fur parent and animal lover must keep in mind that having a pet is not just about how adorable they are.

Pet parenting is a huge responsibility and a lifetime commitment. You must be ready to treat your pets as part of your family and provide all of their needs, including your tender loving care. Let’s face it: some pets are not given proper animal treatment. Real animal lovers and fur parents know how to be responsible and are willing to open their hearts to dogs and cats regardless of the breed.

These stories of rescued puspins (pusang pinoy) and aspins (asong pinoy) from the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) prove why it is better to adopt from animal shelters than buy from pet shops:

the story behind cute smiles and fluffy faces 1

One of the clingy puspins at the shelter is Timmy, who was rescued with a tumor in his eyes. He required multiple surgeries, which led to facial scars. Despite his traumatic experience, Timmy is starting to trust humans again with the help of PAWS’ volunteers. He may be shy at first; but when you tickle him in the right spot, he will start showing affection. Since his face needs to be cleaned everyday, you can donate pet wipes or ear cleaners for Timmy when you visit him.

the story behind cute smiles and fluffy faces 2

This 4-year-old aspin named Choco was found wandering and looking for food in Balintawak Market. After being rescued in 2017, PAWS figured out that he was suffering from sarcoptic mange, a highly contagious skin disease caused by mites that result in intense irritation. In 2018, Choco fully recovered and even got adopted, but he was taken back to the shelter in order to save him from neglect and irresponsible pet ownership. According to the shelter volunteers, he is a smart dog that quickly picks up commands!

the story behind cute smiles and fluffy faces 3

Chino is another traumatized puspin. Someone poked him in the eye with a barbecue stick when he was a kitten. The pain he felt never stopped him from being charming and playful, though. Chino is a well-adjusted cat, but still stays in the quarantine area because the cattery is full. You can foster him or even better, adopt him!

the story behind cute smiles and fluffy faces 4

A very thin dog named Skinny, who also suffered from sarcoptic mange, was rescued in 2018. It only took a few weeks for him to show his very playful side. In just a month, he started growing his fur back with the help of medicated shampoo. Skinny is one of the friendliest and most energetic aspins at the shelter. He loves playing with other dogs and walking around the compound!

the story behind cute smiles and fluffy faces 5

Eliana is a severely malnourished dog that was rescued along Katipunan Avenue.

It took a lot of time before she regained her strength and appetite.

She was too weak to move and chew her food. PAWS never gave up until she fully recovered, though. She is now up for adoption and you will usually see her at PAWS’ fundraising events!

There are still hundreds of untold stories from rescued dogs and cats residing in different animal shelters. All of them have experienced pain because of their continuous population growth and irresponsible owners. Let us all consider the rights that every animal must have, whether you are an animal lover or not.

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