8 Mangonificent Stores to Get Your Mango Sticky Rice Fix From

Having grown up in Thailand, mango sticky rice is something that I tend to crave every now and then. Little did I know that so many stores here in the Philippines sell delicious mango sticky rice that I can get my fix from. Here are some of the best places to get them.

8 Mangonificent Stores to Get Your Mango Sticky Rice Fix From

8. Crème MNL (@crememnl)


Creme MNL Mango Sticky Rice

Photo by Diane Nicole Go

A startup that specializes in Mango Sticky Rice, Crème MNL prides itself for meticulously crafting mango rosettes atop each one of its desserts. Taking the well-loved mango, sticky rice and coconut milk combination; this shop twists things up by offering flavored versions. These include Coco Ube, Coco Pandan, and Coco Melon. Prices start at Php140 per tub, and it’s a real treat for mango lovers as each one is creamy, not too sweet, and very refreshing!

7. Tuteng’s Kitchen (@tutengskitchen)


mango sticky tutengs

Photo from Tuteng’s Kitchen

Therese Gaerlan is a graduate of BS-HRIM Major in Culinary Arts at De La Salle-College of St. Benilde. After returning from working overseas in the F&B industry for almost six years; she decided to put up Tuteng’s Kitchen in memory of her mom Tuteng, who was a very good cook. All of the dishes that she prepares are original family recipes. Aside from Thai dishes, they also offer dishes like lasagna and baked salmon with lemon cream and beef in mushroom sauce.

Tuteng’s Kitchen’s mango sticky rice is a combination of sweet and salty flavors, and I love how it isn’t too sweet compared to other versions out there. It isn’t any wonder why so many customers rave about it!

6. Mango Collective (@mango_collective)


Mango Collective Mango Sticky Rice

Photo from Mango Collective

After a trip to Thailand, mango sticky rice became the go-to dessert of Chloe Sia’s household. When the craving for mango sticky rice became too much during quarantine, the force behind Mango Collective decided to try making their own version of this beloved dessert. Although Chloe admits that she initially did not intend to make a business out of their mango sticky rice, she later gave it a go since she thought it would be a productive way to spend the summer.

Mango Collective’s mango sticky rice provides a generous serving of rice, mangoes, and coconut sauce while ensuring that every ingredient is of top quality. Each component truly complements each other to deliver that perfect combination of sticky and sweet without being too overpowering. The sticky rice has the right mixture of stickiness and flavor while still retaining its softness, and the coconut sauce and mangoes have just the right amount of sweetness. With the current pandemic limiting travel, Mango Collective is happy to be able to bring that taste of Thai street food to the comfort of our homes.

5. Same Same (@samesameph)


Same Same Mango Sticky Rice

Photo from Same Same

Prior to Same Same, Gee Jay Coleco was a food blogger for 10 years, as well as a social media manager and a writer. When the agency closed down, he went to Thailand to take a break from office life. Although the plan was to only stay for a couple of months, he ended up staying for almost two years. “You can say I fell in love with the country (and the food),” he says. When he got home and found himself dissatisfied and unfulfilled in the corporate world, he put up Same Same.

Same Same is all about the street food that Thailand is known for. Gee Jay’s mission was to bring Thai flavors to the locals who aren’t familiar with Thai food, and showcase that Thai dishes don’t always have to be spicy. As for their mango sticky rice, they only make it on Saturdays because it takes two whole days to prepare. The best part is that they offer two kinds of coconut sauces – sweet and salty – so you can get your fix the way you want it.

4. The Thai Plate (@thethaiplate)


Khao Niew Mango Thai Plate

Photo from The Thai Plate

The Thai Plate started in 2018 as a typical Thai canteen, but it closed down due to lack of manpower. In 2020, Nattapong “Beep” and Atibet Tachasuwanchai “Darf” reopened The Thai Plate as a restaurant along Chino Roces with a small dining area with takeout and delivery options. Now, they are also available through Food Panda and Grab Food. Their extensive list of Thai dishes makes use of Thai Plate homemade sauce that is imported from Thailand to make their dishes as authentic as possible.

The Thai Plate’s mango sticky rice combines sweet, salty, and creamy coconut sauce which is cooked along with pandan leaves in a pan. After that, they add sweet mangoes on the side and mung beans on top to add some crunchiness to the dessert. As a last touch, they add their homemade coconut sauce to make it even tastier. This dessert will definitely keep you satisfied and happy.

3. Siam Square PH (@siamsquare.ph)


Siam Square PH Mango Sticky Rice

Photo from Siam Square PH

The story of Siam Square PH started in 2012 when Guill Mariano moved to Thailand for work and graduate school. Having had the opportunity to call it home for four years, the Land of Smiles will always have a special place in Guill’s heart. “Although I am Filipino, my heart is also Thai,” he states proudly. Due to this exposure to beautiful Thai culture captured by their cuisine, Guill decided to bring it to Manila. Before that, though, Guill went back to Bangkok last year to enroll in a cooking class and add real authenticity to his products.

As mentioned earlier, I lived in Bangkok for seven years myself; and I can vouch for the fact that Siam Square PH’s dishes really taste like the real thing! Although the Filipino palate leans more towards the sweeter side, Siam Square PH tries to stick to the authentic Thai flavors – sweet but with a kick of salt. It will really make you feel like you are in Bangkok!

2. Mango Baby (@mangobabyph)


Mango Baby Mango Sticky Rice

Photo from Mango Baby

Mango Baby was born out of a love for mangoes and their goal is to bring our favorite Asian snacks closer to our homes. Savannah Arroyo started the business back in June; the name comes from the fact that her mom was craving for mangoes when she was pregnant with Savannah. “She even said that my head was shaped like a mango when I was still a baby,” she shares, laughing.

If you’ve been craving for mango sticky rice, this is one version you definitely need to try. Their sticky rice is extra flavorful and made even better with their special coconut sauce (a secret recipe from Savannah’s “Mango Mama”). Make sure to also try out their Mango Snow Mochi, which is INCREDIBLY GOOD!!!

1. By Madam Rose (@bymadamrose)


By Madam Rose Mango Sticky Rice

Photo from By Madam Rose

Alyssa Rose is the creator of By Madam Rose. She shares that she always found herself observing her late grandmother in the kitchen when she was younger. “I believe that she is the reason as to why I am fond of cooking,” she reminisces. The implemented quarantine gave her time to strengthen her cooking skills in the form of baked sushi and now also mango sticky rice. Mango sticky rice became part of their menu because it has long been their favorite dessert.

Just as with their sushi bakes, By Madam Rose pours a lot of time and effort in creating their mango sticky rice. Only the choicest ingredients go into it – the premium sticky rice, which is the soul of this dish; the thick, creamy coconut cream; the sweetest and just-ripe mangoes; and the real kicker: the Choc Nut as a topping, which provides a delicate peanut flavor that completes this dish. It might sound weird, but it works! And my goodness, is it addicting! Must. Try.

Where do you usually get your mango sticky rice from?

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