Step Inside The Secret Office, The Newest Burger Place in the South

Most would agree that the best part of the week is the weekend. Saturdays are my favorite! (Read: 10 Things To Do In Manila On A Saturday) It’s a time off work, I get to spend time with my family and friends and I get to drive around the city (even with the heavy traffic, I still love the weekends!). Sometimes, I just laze around the house in pajamas or read books all day or… I go to the office.

Wait, what?

No no, not that kind of office. It’s the The Secret Office.

the secret office

Yes, there’s a new office in town. And its the meaty, mouth-watering, burgery kind. A new burger place has just opened for people in the South! Nomnom.

The Secret Office just opened its gates last November and the juicy secret is starting to spread like crazy. It is located in San Pedro, Laguna, hidden in streets of Camella South-I  (part of the secret, I guess!). Why visit the office, you ask?


the secret office

First, you get to shake hands with the Sloppy Engineer. It’s a burger made up of thick patty, sandwiched in buns, cheese, egg, caramelized onion, tomato and lettuce. Oozing out of it is cheese sauce, honey mustard, and the office’s secret sauce. I met the engineer myself and I was told, despite the mess it makes when you bite into it, its the Secret Office’s best seller!

the secret office

the secret office

You could also have a chance to meet the C.E.O. (short for Cheese Explosion Overload)My golly. Three kinds of cheese are in here — mozarella, swiss and melted cheese.  *Drool*

the secret office

If you are too shy to meet the CEO, well.. how ’bout you deal with the Angry Boss?

It’s double patty burger with cheese (yay!), spicy secret sauce (cause, hello, its angry), caramelized onion, tomato and lettuce. I suggest you go with a hungry stomach so you can kapow! the Angry Boss.

the secret office

If you become a regular here, you could also catch sight of the Drunk Applicant, roaming around the The Secret Office. They are easy to spot, just look for the burger with cheese and hash brown, and maple syrup slowly trickling out its sides. Yummeh.

the secret office


They also have secret burger they have not put in the menu. Yet. I get to sample their peanut butter jelly burger and it was awesomesauce. No news about the name yet but I hope they also get think of a witty label for it.

All burgers come with a side of fries but if you want more (I tell you, the fries are addicting!), you can order a basket more.The fries are generously drizzled in melted cheese and another secret sauce. With a little bit sleuthing, I reckon it is made up of pickle relish and mayo… and more. It’s hard to guess the office’s secret :p

the secret office

If nachos are more of your thing, feel free to order them. They offer them too!
the secret office

So there, ain’t the The Secret Office perfect for late night drinks after a long day at work and / or weekend relaxation? They have been open barely a month, but The Secret Office is just starting in their game. Good things are coming. Gotta try the burgers, promise, masarap!

The Secret Office

Block 9 Lot 24, Jasmin Street, Camella South-I

San Pedro, Laguna