10 Things to do in Manila on a Saturday

10 Things to do in Manila on a Saturday

When in Manila, a lot of people look forward to the weekends. Going to the mall seems to be the default option for many. But if you’re bored with the congested malls and looking for something more, here are some adventurous and relaxing activities to try on Saturdays!

10.) Be a mermaid!

If you were one of the Disney kids who watched The Little Mermaid and dreamt of becoming a mermaid yourself, you don’t have to go very far! Your mermaid dreams could come true right in the middle of the city.
The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy allows you to be a mermaid for a day. While they have a branch in Boracay and Cebu (with the beautiful beach as a backdrop!), PMSA also has venues and classes available in Metro Manila.
According to their website, “Although “mermaiding” has been around for years, courses and classes offered have been limited to mermaid swimming workshops geared towards professional performers and entertainers, aside from retailers that just sold the tails as costumes and accessories.” 
Mermaid“PMSA is the first in the Philippines and in the world to introduce a “school” concept for mermaid swimming, with instructional courses and classes, making “mermaiding” accessible to everyone, with programs structured in a safe and fun environment, and designed to cater to all age groups and genders,” their website stated.  
PMSA has been featured in different shows and publications all over the world!
You could join some of their classes, but you could also have them come over for private lessons at your preferred time and location! For bookings, inquiries, and a full list of their services, venues, and rates, check out their website and their social media accounts.
Photos from Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy’s Facebook Page

Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy

Website: https://www.philippinemermaidswimmingacademy.com/courses/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PhilippineMermaidSwimmingAcademy

Phone: +63 917 84 52752 or +63 922 84 52752

Email: mermaidphilippines@gmail.com


9.) Be a ninja.

If you’ve always dreamt of doing the cool stunts you see in movies but can’t because you don’t know how, there’s finally a safe place designed specifically for that! You could visist the Ninja Academy in Pasig City. It is the first indoor Parkour facility in the Philippines.

ninja academy

They regularly hold unique and interesting classes that could help you reach your 2015 fitness goals, and maybe even fulfill your dream of being a ninja or a stuntman. 

ninja academy

Even Jennylyn Mercado became a ninja for a day! Learning Parkour is really a unique way of getting fit.

ninja academy

You might appreciate their stunts even more if you check out their videos. (It’s much harder than it looks, but it’s really fun and worth a try!) 

Photos from the Ninja Academy’s Facebook Page

Ninja Academy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NinjaAcademy.ph/timeline

#155 Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue, Pasig city, PH



8.) Shop local.

If you still consider Saturday as your shopping day, why not try to shop for local products? In the past few years, there have been a growth in social enterprises that have made such creative products that back up their advocacies. Check out some examples below.
Jacinto and Lirio
Jacinto and Lirio
gouache canvas bags
All of these brands are social enterprises with interesting stories and advocacies. These are just some of the many beautiful local brands to scout for! You could also check out The Spark Project and Muni.PH for more products like these. Make sure to follow them on Facebook to be updated with their bazaars and events, many of which fall on Saturdays, too! Apart from their products, it’s always fun to learn about the inspiring stories and advocacies behind these brands.

7.) De-clutter.

Many studies have repeatedly revealed that clutter is a major cause of stress. It makes us feel lost and even more confused amidst all the things we still have to do. One of the most ubiquitous objects we all have that usually need regular de-cluttering are our gadgets.  Although a lot of us would want to keep our gadgets organized and updated, sometimes there just isn’t enough time in a day to constantly be organizing our files. Intentionally setting aside time each week to de-clutter isn’t only a stress buster: it’s also an investment for a more efficient way of working during the following week. Here are some ideas:

– Unsubscribe from newsletters you’re no longer interested in.

– Change your phone’s wallpaper into a photo that reminds you of your priorities.

– Delete old apps you no longer use, and look for the new apps that might be of better help to you.

– Clean your desktop. There are websites that offer free download of wallpapers that help users categorize the icons on their desktops:

Photo from Kaleidoscopeblog.net

Photo from Kaleidoscopeblog.net


6.)  Be aware.

The weekend is the perfect time to see the world beyond us and beyond our concerns at work or at school, so you could use a few minutes to catch up on current events. Apart from the traditional news outlets, you could visit Out of the Box on Facebook.  



Out of the Box


Photo from Out of the Box’s Facebook Page
Out of the Box is “a start-up advocacy organization committed to promote media literacy in the Philippines,” according to its Facebook page. It has interesting reads and infographics that would allow you to have a fresh take on what you see on television. 
You could also visit museums like the National Museum, the Ayala Museum, and the Pinto Art Museum, just to name a few. Remember to bring your student ID for discounts!
P. Burgos Drive, Rizal Park, Manila
Tuesdays-Sundays, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
2)  Ayala Museum
Dela Rosa Street, Manila
Ground-Fourth Floor Galleries
Tuesdays-Sundays, 9am to 6pm
Filipinas Heritage Library
Tuesdays to Saturdays,  9:oo am – 6:00 pm
Sierra Madre St. , Grand Heights Subdivision; Antipolo, Rizal
Tuesday-Sunday, 9:oo am-5:00 pm
+63 921 964 1701
Pinto Museum
Pinto Art Museum