Mori Notes: The Perfect Canvas for you Personal Adventures

When In Manila and struck by a creative or inspiring thought, a lot of us often wish we had a notebook to jot down that spur of the moment “divine intervention”. Sometimes, we can be so creative one minute and totally blank the next! I know I have. The thing is, once I start writing on my notebook, the images seem to go away. My boring notebook is no match for those crazy thoughts! Which is why I ‘m so glad I discovered Mori Notes! Let me tell you why.


“Mori” basically means: God is my teacher

Back when creator Mitzi Uy was still in her path of discovery, she sat in the classrooms of faith and allowed God to show her the way. As most of us feel sometimes, Mitzi also felt she lack talent and would not be successful. But her eye for art is the talent she overlooked. Allowing God to teach her also allowed her to find herself and her true calling. Hence the birth of Mori Notes.


Mori Notes is not your typical notebook. With just one look you could already tell why.


Mori Notes: What Makes Them Unique

  • First of all, the cover is made of different types of fabric.




  • Secondly, the pages are recycled paper but for some reason feel like cloth! Which means, you can let out your artistic side and even PAINT on it without fear of ruining your entire notebook!




  • Last but not least, each notebook comes with a pouch that’s attached to the cover. So you no longer have to worry about misplacing your pens!…or any other items you wish to bring with you that may help spark inspiration!




  • The best part of all… Mori notes is 100% Philippine made! Who says we need to shop abroad for quality products? You got a perfect notebook that can handle more than your ballpen marks right here!


Each design fits each person’s character and taste. With each pursebook, expect striking breakthrough ideas, memorable adventures and life lessons. Let 2013 be your year, and start jotting down those thoughts and stories with Mori Notes.


Mori Notes: Classic, Philippine and Fun Collections

  • Classic Collection:


Mori Notes Classic




Philippine Collection:

Mori Notes Philippine Collection


HAIR & MAKE-UP: Dianne Bianca Lim Go-Chua


Fun Collection:


Clean Fun Collection - purple-001Clean Fun Collection - blue-001

Clean Fun Collection - greenClean Fun Collection - pink -001



 Mori Notes





Mori notes are available in the following

National Bookstore branches: SM Megamall, Shangrila, Trinoma, Robinsons Galleria, SM North Edsa, Rockwell, Glorietta 1, Greenbelt

Powerbooks Store: Greenbelt 3, Trinoma