Gouache Canvas Bags: Handcrafted Bags for Adventure Seekers

When in Manila and looking for the perfect gifts for your techie and fashionista friends, you might want to try Gouache Canvas Bags.


I instantly fell in love with the bags, and was happy to find out that they were made in Marikina. As a consumer, I really like buying quality local products. I like how local products provide employment to Filipinos and always have a personal touch to them. The owners are usually more than willing to share their inspiring story behind their products, as well. (Check out how some local artists once came together for a cause here: https://www.wheninmanila.com/eastpak-artist-studio-local-artists-come-together-for-a-cause/)

Gouache Canvas Bags are made of waxed canvas. This makes the bag waterproof unlike the usual canvas bags. The bags also come in unique colors, which suit different people’s personalities. Here’s a rundown of their products. With all the choices, you’ll find the perfect bag for yourself and for your loved ones.


1. The Gouache Lunch Bag

As a college student with a (limited) allowance and an unpredictable schedule, I find it very convenient and economical to bring snacks and drinks to school. The thing is, since I move from one class to another, I end up leaving my lunch or my water jug in some classrooms. It’s such a hassle to bring a school bag + tumbler/water jug + lunch bag. Most lunch bags are too small for my water jug and they look so kiddie!  The boxy lunch bag I use is the same design I had back when I was in Grade 1. 


This is why I really liked the Gouache Lunch Bag. It’s spacious enough to fit my dessert, my lunch, my drinks, and it still has space for more food (a.k.a. more happiness)! It also looks like a more fashionable and eco-friendly version of the classic brown paper bag.  It also has a genuine leather strap and a brass buckle accent. I really like how it looks. 

The Gouache Lunch Bag comes in four colors. For those who love a pop of color, try the Rust and the Blue Green. For those who like the darker hues, try the ones in Navy Blue and Olive.



2. The Gouache City Bag/ The Gouache Laptop Bag


I tried fitting my ancient (huge) laptop and charger inside, and I still had a lot of space for my readings, notebooks, pens, markers, and other gadgets. I like how the front pockets keep my things organized. The bag is structured, so even when I stuff a lot of things inside, the bag remains standing and doesn’t lose its figure. 

The Gouache City Bag comes in Navy Blue, Khaki, and Ash Grey


The Gouache City Bag in Navy Blue


3. The Gouache Camera Bag

Camera bags often scream for attention because they’re bulky. On the other hand, “normal” bags don’t have enough padding to protect cameras from humidity and getting hit when you commute. 


The Gouache Camera Bag in Ash Grey

According to the owner, the best security feature of the Gouache Camera Bags is that it does not look like a camera bag. And they’re right! It looks like a boxier version of the City Bag. It’s just like satchel bag with papers and notebooks inside,but it has  enough padding and dividers to protect your lenses and your camera. That way, the bag protects your camera and your lenses from attracting too much attention from thieves and from the usual threats of the environment when you decide to take it out for a shoot. Have you heard of the thiefie yet?

The Gouache Camera Bag comes in Dark Grey and Khaki. 

Now, here’s a great belated Christmas gift from Gouache! They’re giving away 2 Gouache Lunch Bags to two lucky WIM readers. Just follow the Rafflecopter form below and don’t forget to like them on Facebook in order to qualify!

Two winners will be selected. Each winner will receive a Gouache Lunch Bag. Shipping is free for contestants in Metro Manila. You may earn points for the giveaway from December 28 12 AM – January 1 12 AM. The winner will be announced on January 2, 7 PM. You may earn more points by Tweeting and sharing daily, so make sure to send more entries and increase your chances of winning. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

WHEN IN MANILA and thinking of gifts to give, remember to support local businesses like Gouache. A great gift would be something that keeps on giving and allows communities to grow by providing a sustainable income. Gouache gives you all the more reason to support local businesses. I hope you enjoy your adventures with these beautiful handcrafted Gouache bags. 

Gouache Canvas Bags


Shipping within Metro Manila is free.

Common Thread, 2nd Floor, Greenbelt 5.

Also available at AVA.ph.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GouacheWaxedCanvas



Gouache Canvas Bags: Handcrafted Bags for Adventure Seekers


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