10 Things to do in Manila on a Saturday

5.) Work out.

6 Easy Tips to Becoming an adidas Girl from #mygirls Isabelle Daza and Solenn Heussaff

Apart from being a mermaid and being a ninja, there are many other ways to work out. Saturday might be an ideal day to work out. Because there are no classes and work the next day, it’s alright to push yourself to the limit. You get to sleep in on Sunday, anyway. 

4.) Go on a food trip.

UP Diliman Food Trip

Snack Shack Burgers in UP Diliman; Photo by Franc Kevin Mangahas

It’s funny how great spots to take a run like Bonifacio Global City and UP Diliman are also really great spots to go on a food trip! You could also check out Hole in the Wall in Century Mall, Midnight Mercato @ Bonifacio Global City (it’s open on Saturdays from 6:00pm-3:00am), Maginhawa in Quezon City, and Kapitolyo in Pasig for more food trip sessions!

3.) Support a cause.

 Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid
If you want to use your Saturdays to make a long-term difference among the youth, you could join Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid, or 2kk. 2KK is an organization that was founded in 2003. High school students, college students, and young professionals visit Payatas on Saturdays to conduct various projects like teaching values, tutoring, enrichment activities, field trips, medical-dental missions, and more. 
Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid
It’s a great way to bond with friends and with the scholars from Payatas. It would definitely be a Saturday well-spent. You could volunteer as a Kapatid here.
2KK won as one of the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations of 2014, where its Vice President, Carla Cucueco, delivered a powerful speech in Malacanang: “Ours is a generation that selfies with the community to tell their stories to others. Ours is a generation that writes project updates in 140 characters or less to encourage the people to join in our efforts and ours is a generation that awaits notifications from new partners and members. I refuse to call this generation a me-generation but indulge me in changing it in calling it a we-generation, a TAYO generation, because ours is a generation that innovates for the welfare of this shared world, for the welfare of our country, the Philippines.”
Photos from the Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid Facebook page 

Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tulongsakapwakapatid
Website: https://kapwakapatid.org/

2.) Try a new hobby. 

There are many useful skills that are usually not taught in school. Learning skills like driving, commuting, cooking, and the likes is always an investment. Because of of how our careers and personal lives are now partially migrating online, other useful skills include using Photoshop (to make event posters and graphics, not to edit your #selfies! :>), web design, and basic coding , just to name a few.
You could watch tutorials online, but if you want to attend workshops, what usually helps is subscribing to newsletters and social media accounts of website that keep you updated with workshops and short courses. A good example, of course, would be to bookmark When in Manila’s Nightlife & Events page.  
(P.S. I did this long before I started writing for When in Manila, and it updated me which workshops to look forward to and start saving up for!)

1.) Rest 

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay-123

“Sabado,”comes from the word “Sabbath,” which means “a day of rest” in Hebrew.  In a competitive and a productivity-obsessed world, sometimes, taking breaks requires more discipline and intentional scheduling compared to working.
I had a professor who made it an assignment for his students to spend an hour doing absolutely nothing–not even thinking about things to do. So many students found this task difficult, and a student volunteered to do a 10-page paper than to spend another hour of doing nothing.
Washington Post also reported on the Japanese government’s plans to make taking a vacation mandatory. While we might be familiar with the idea of being entitled to vacation leaves, imagine being mandated by the government to actually use these vacation leaves. 
While hard work should never be underestimated, recent researches have repeatedly shown how taking breaks is not only essential to keep you happy, but also to keep you more productive. 
We could go on listing hundreds of interesting things to do in Manila on a Saturday. How about you? What adventures and projects do you do on Saturdays? Share it in the comments—we’re excited to get some ideas from you!


 10 Things to do in Manila on a Saturday


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