Start the Year Right with the Right Smartwatch – the HUAWEI Watch Fit!

As you start your 2021 hustle, perhaps you may want to get this smartwatch to help you with your fitness goals.

I already tried and tested it for over 4 months so I believe it’s time to write my review…

IMG 20210104 165755 mix01

Yes, I’ve been using it every single day for the past 4 months for the simple reason that I freaking love it so much! Yeah, from the design, to the battery life, watch faces and features… I love every single one of them. I love it so much that I’ve decided to use it for a very long time.

2020 has been a year of many changes and adjustments for everyone. Consider yourself lucky if you didn’t lose your job or a family member. As for me, I experienced both so I can truly say that 2020 hit me real hard. And so with these, I had to cope fast, refocus and make things less complicated for me so I’ve decided to fully embrace the HUAWEI Ecosystem so all my gadgets are all in sync. From smartphone, laptop, tablet, earbuds, speaker and smartwatch – almost all the devices I use are all HUAWEI. Hmmmm I even think I’m one for the 1st in the country to embrace such a lifestyle. =)

Going back to my topic which is the HUAWEI Watch Fit,

Here’s a list of the things I love and some observations after using my HUAWEI Watch Fit after 4 months.


  1. I love that its screen is rectangular – perhaps my reason for this is I simply got tired of the usual round watches and with a triangular screen, I feel that it’s bigger with more space for the details I usually check.
  2. Its AMOLED screen remains bright, vivid and easy to read. Because of its screen, I get to appreciate my watch faces more.
  3. Its silicon strap is very durable. It didn’t change color even after months and it’s also very easy to clean.

IMG 20210104 170016 mix01

  1. I’m pretty happy with my mint green strap because the color isn’t loud. It looks casual, sporty and sophisticated.
  2. It now has more watch faces to choose from. They now even have paid designs and have purchased a few since they are all affordable.


It will last up to 10 days depending on your usage. In my experience, it only lasts for 8 days since I use a lot of its features. Usually, when I notice that it has reached less that 10%, I’d charge it before I shower, then after 20 to 45 mins (shower + getting ready to go out), it’ll be full and I’m ready to go. I never experienced any hassles about charging nor its battery life. HUAWEI is a tried and tested, trusted brand when it comes to battery durability so I never worry about battery issues.


Aside from telling time (obviously), I’m thankful that because of my HUAWEI Watch Fit, I get to check on myself especially with my sleep.

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I’ve been an insomniac since last year. I sleep really early like 5am and wake up at noontime. Body clock is super messed up so I really need to monitor is I’m still getting enough sleep hours. I’m very forgetful so I depend on my HUAWEI Watch Fit to do this job for me. I can also conveniently check on my HUAWEI Health app since it’s in sync with my Watch Fit.

Sad to say that this year, I really failed to work out since I’m just really not in the mood. Many times, my HUAWEI Watch Fit would vibrate and tell me to stand up and move whenever it detects that I’ve been sitting for over an hour. At first, I find it quite annoying but after some time, I learn to appreciate this feature since it makes me aware that I need to physically be more active. Having the HUAWEI Watch Fit is like having a tiny personal assistant and nurse since it monitors my vitals. Anyways, whenever I get this notification, I usually choose one of its 12 fitness courses that can be done indoors.

IMG 20210104 170227 mix01

IMG 20210104 170301 mix01

It even features a heart rate monitor, stress monitor and blood oxygen saturation monitor. For women, another useful feature is its menstrual Cycle Calendar.

IMG 20210104 170102 mix01


Gone are the days where I need to take out my phone to view messages and notifications. Now, I just need to glance at my HUAWEI Watch Fit to know if I have any important messages. I also get call notifications with my HUAWEI Watch Fit.

IMG 20210104 170027 mix01

I can also control music playback and even use my HUAWEI Watch Fit as a remote shutter for my HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro.

In times when I fail to remember where I left my phone, I can use the “Find My Phone” feature on the Watch Fit too.

Overall and as always, I’m genuinely satisfied with my HUAWEI Watch Fit because it gets the job done and a whole lot more. I just wish HUAWEI would produce more straps so users won’t get stuck with just one color forever.

By the way, the HUAWEI Watch Fit is affordably priced at only P4499.  =)

Here’s the link if you want to purchase: