STANCE x GRIND Launches the Skate Legends Collection

STANCE x GRIND Launches the Skate Legends Collection


STANCE x GRIND Launches the Skate Legends Collection (21) 

A one-stop action sports shop, GRIND is a namesake concept store that just like the edgy skateboarding trick, inspires people to try new things and take risks. Through its wide range of products that cater to adrenaline junkies, stylephiles, and subculture mavens alike, GRIND advocates living on the edge and chasing one extraordinary adventure after another.

 Likewise, STANCE socks’ foundation is deeply rooted in the pursuit for individuality and creative self-expression – things that set a unique and standout person apart from a sea of sameness. A group of individuals caught a glimpse of opportunity and realized what the world was lacking. By wielding art and science to come up with one-of-a-kind and technology-ridden socks, STANCE quickly rose to popularity as seen either on the streets or at high-stakes creative departments on the feet of sophisticated rebels and subversive renegades.


Now imagine combining the forces of these two powerhouses. What you get is an unbelievably cool event that only happens once in a blue moon. Last November 28 at Blue Bay Walk, STANCE teamed up with GRIND for the exclusive launch of the Skate Legends Collection, designed and named after five world-renowned skateboarders.

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STANCE x GRIND Launches the Skate Legends Collection (14)

Pro skateboarders showed off their skills during the STANCE x GRIND launch 

What better way was there to kick off a launch like this than with an equally badass skate competition? Prior to the much-anticipated launch, STANCE and GRIND held the GRIND District Pop-Off, which invited skaters to battle it out by impressing everyone with the meanest and most creative skateboard grind.

The registration quickly filled up. Given only 50 seconds to show what they got for the first round, the participants were trimmed down to a few who qualified for the final round. The competition required skaters to land their tricks cleanly and the ranking was based on who finished the course the fastest. For the final round, the remaining skaters were given 30 seconds to complete the course.

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Visual artist PJ Martelino doing a live art session in front of a mesmerized crowd 

Complementing the creative atmosphere of the event even better was a live art performance by prolific artist PJ Martelino. His style is described as having a great sense of design and whimsy with his works always attempting to stimulate the imagination of its audience.

Characterized by bright and happy colors, movement, and biomorphic shapes, Martelino’s work has been recognized both locally and abroad where he has exhibited some of his works. As such, he has received recognition in the industry and has earned several awards under his belt.

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The STANCE x GRIND Skate Legends Collection 

After an afternoon filled with much excitement, art, and skateboarding action, it was time for the anticipated launch of the Skate Legends Collection by STANCE where the line boasted of five pairs of socks that embody the history of skateboarding. The socks feature timeless skate graphics and the legends that made these images mean so much more. The finished artwork done by Martelino, as inspired by the collection was also highlighted for everyone to marvel at.

STANCE x GRIND Launches the Skate Legends Collection (46)

The designs for Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Jeff Grosso, Ray Barbee, and John Cardiel 

Needing no introduction, the skateboarders featured in the collection are Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Jeff Grosso, Ray Barbee, and John Cardiel. Beyond their style and skills, these icons embody the skateboarding culture and will always be the pillars, which will continue to inspire and motivate the growth of skaters and their community.

After battling it out at the GRIND District Pop-Off, an awarding ceremony took place after the unveiling of the collection to announce the top three finalists and their well-deserved rankings.


STANCE x GRIND Launches the Skate Legends Collection (Barbee)

Ray Barbee 


With a pro career that spans three decades, Ray Barbee’s longevity is a testament to his love for skating. Needless to say, Barbee makes skating look so easy and so good. He emerged during an era dominated by vert skaters and all things neon, which Barbee countered with his somber flannel and jeans. Paying homage to this musician slash photographer and all around skate god, STANCE whipped up a pair of socks that are equally modest but full of subSTANCE and style. Making use of basic color palettes like grey, blue, black, red, and yellow, the socks feature a graphic image of a weird card-playing street slicking humanoid.

STANCE x GRIND Launches the Skate Legends Collection (Hosoi)

Christian Hosoi 


Synonymous with style, Christian Hosoi reimagined how skateboarding should look like. He was hard to miss on a vert ramp, decked out in neon and spandex; he impressed everyone with fresh tricks like Christ Airs. Smooth and effortless, Hosoi set the bars for almost unattainable standards. Yet, Hosoi’s story is one of struggle and redemption – forcibly shaped by a steep crash from super stardom and a stint in prison – he emerged to become a new version of himself. Now a skater, pastor, and father, STANCE believes that nothing best represents this iconic skater than the image of a rising sun.

STANCE x GRIND Launches the Skate Legends Collection (Caballero)

Steve Caballero 


For Steve Caballero, the music never stops. Characterized by his humility and infectious smile, he has spent over thirty years showing the world what skating is all about – having fun. An original member of the Bones Brigade, assembled by dogtown legend Stacey Peralta, Steve went on to cement his legacy by inventing tricks like the Caballerial and by airing higher than everyone else in the game. No wonder that Thrasher magazine hailed Steve as the “Skater of the Century” in 1999. A skater that stands the test of time, STANCE bows down to this icon by featuring a fierce yet mischievous dragon graphic against a grey and black palette.

STANCE x GRIND Launches the Skate Legends Collection (Grosso)

Jeff Grosso 


Jeff Grosso’s life is in part a long love letter to skating – one that is still being written. Anyone can read up on this by watching his web series Love Letters to Skateboarding. In the late eighties, Grosso headlined legendary skate films like Future Primitive and Streets on Fire. However, just like any incendiary icon, it was his charge-hard attitude that propelled him into the spotlight which removed him from it. However, first love never dies and Grosso re-emerged as skating’s elder statesman. Today, he continues to skate and share his honest wisdom to all those who are willing to listen. For this, STANCE pays tribute to the wise old seed of skateboarding with a tough anti-hero graphic.

STANCE x GRIND Launches the Skate Legends Collection (Cardiel)

John Cardiel 


A self proclaimed skaterniverous, Cardiel has undeniably left a mark on the skate scene and was hailed as one of the “30 Most Influential Skaters of All Time.” In 1993, Transworld Skateboarding said that Cardiel is destined to win and become a legend in his own time because if cojones was measured by the size of eggs, his would be those of an ostrich. Despite having suffered from a bad injury and having lain low, Cardiel will always be an influence to all skaters who are giving it all they got regardless of making it big or getting sponsored. His is a passion for skateboarding that knows no bounds. For this, STANCE came up with the age old symbol of courage, a roaring yellow, green, and red haired lion. All hail to the king of the skate jungle.

A day filled with all the great things that people love about art and skateboarding culture, the Skate Legends launch by GRIND x STANCE is just one among the many efforts to nurture and grow the community of creative and unique individuals who epitomize a bold and daring spirit and an unending thirst for adventure.

The next time you hit the streets, whether you’re out to accomplish great things with your art or about to level up your tricks, slip on a piece of history with the Skate Legends collection by STANCE.

STANCE x GRIND Launches the Skate Legends Collection

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