St. Luke’s College of Medicine Christmas Party: A Night Off-Duty

By Hazel Encarnado

Everyone is always eager for the end of the year as it signifies endless parties and celebrations. It’s no different, and probably even more significant, for us medical students. After spending one semester’s worth of sleepless nights and insurmountable stress as exams, papers and transcriptions just keep piling and coming, we knew wedeserved this annual get-together. It has been the college’s tradition for the freshmen to host and prepare the party—from the planning, fund-raising and the program itself. Even so, the administration and the rest of the student population were active contributors in terms of monetary and moral support.

This year, the carnival-inspired-theme party entitled “Cirque Du Medisina: Come one, Come all!”,was heldat The Circle Events Place at Timog Avenue. The Gala Hall entrance was decorated with balloons while inside there were game booths, popcorn and cotton candy stands. And of course, because what party would not have one, there was also a bathtub sponsored by Bacardi.


Because it’s not a party without Bacardi and that bathtub just begs to be pictured with

The program was brief. There was an opening prayer, opening remarks from the college’s president and dean, Dr. Brigido Carandang and performances from some members of the SLCM Music Circle while everyone else was eating their dinner.


The MDs in attendance (from left to right: Dra. Carolina Tapia, Dra. Malaya P. Santos and Dra. Joanne De Ramos)

The first, second and third years also competed in a game of “Charades with a Twist”.


This was the twist.

Rafael Tan acting out his word with  an oral retractor

What makes the SLCM Christmas Party even more exciting for the us is the possibility of winning the raffle prizes sponsored by the Dean himself. Who wouldn’t want a brand new MacBook Pro for the incoming papers of the following semester? Or a brand new printer for all those transes?

Rafael Tan won a printer, Jem Oclarit won the Go Pro while Dan Resureccion won the MacBook Pro.


The runner-ups and the two winners for the Best in Costume Award

Luck has little to play in another award that night as Class 2021 gave credit to those who made effort for dressing to the nines. Dra. Carolina Tapia, a faculty of the College of Medicine who came as a fortuneteller alongside Miguel Deluria, a second-year student who came as an acrobat garnered the Best Costume Award.


When the Christmas Party Head Princess Paredes gave her closing remarks, the program was formally ended but the night has just began. The tables were swept aside, a mobile bar opened up at the corner and DJ Cholo assumed his position as we let lose all our worries and stress by dancing the night away.


Student Council President Jon Dy, being goaded into dancing

The event just goes to show that while we may be future doctors, we are still just a bunch of people at the prime of our youth. We need to be reminded of this fact every once in a while—no matter how rare that opportunity may come.  It also shows one of the best things about Christmas: it’s a time to gather as a family and to create happy memories that we can carry with us always.

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