Spyder Sports Wear: High Performance Gear for the Street and the Race Track

When in Manila, take your sporting experience to a higher lever with quality gear from Team Spyder.

I recently had the good fortune to test run some gear from Spyder with my bike. It is my first encounter using Spyder gear and it was an overall positive experience using this new equipment. Spyder Philippines was kind enough to let me try out their helmet, hydration bag and totally cool eyewear.


all Spyder-geared up ready for a ride


Spyder specializes in high-performances sports gear, particularly helmets and eye-wear, designed to take your sports experience to a higher level. They do this by using innovative designs based largely on customer feedback and keeping up to date with industry trends and demands.

the Spyder helmet with red and grey camo design – cool style and functionality rolled in one

My orientation with helmets so far have been limited to the low-core soft-shell helmets that I used for leisure biking around my village, obviously I was not overly concerned about my head safety. This is actually the first time I tried using a “real” helmet, one that I think would actually keep my brains in tact in the case of a potential skull to concrete encounter. The Spyder helmet is designed with a technology that allows it to be extra strong and extra lightweight making for some hard core head protection. It did feel quite lightweight in my hand, but weighed down a little uncomfortably when I wore it on my head. The adjustment clip at the back is a breeze to configure and easily accessed with just one hand.

the Sypder helmet has an easy to adjust knob at the back  

The only downside was that I felt it was a little cumbersome after a while and I was tempted to take it off. Also the straps are a bit awkwardly placed as they overlapped the corners of my sunglasses and their position couldn’t be adjusted. But this is but a minor discomfort in exchange for the security of having some quality head gear on.



the Spyder Hydration Bag and 2.1L hydration reservoir 






 leak-free, anti-bacterial, wide rimmed hydration reservoir





I used the 2.1 liter hydration reservior, which is recommended for shorter, recreational rides. It is made from a Thermoplastic Polyurethane film which is scratch resistant and anti-bacterial. It also has a wide rim mouth, making it conventient to fill it with ice cubes to keep your liquids cool during the ride.




The Spyder Hydration Bag can house a hydration reservoir of up to 8 liters which snugly fits inside with velcro straps to secure it in place. 




I really like the slim design of the bag which has a good number of comparments to put your gadgets. The media player pouch is extremely handy for audiophiles like me who prefer to having a road trip playlist. Unfortunately, some of the other pouches are too small to fit in anything larger than a mobile phone. I couldn’t even fit the Spyder sunglass case in the outer mesh pouch. The bag also has a convenient, built-in protective outer bag for rainy situations.



lots of pockets are a plus, but were too small to fit in the glasses case


The immediate advantages of a hydration bag are the hands free ease and larger holding capacity for long rides. The straps are thin and lightweight, however, I personally prefer a little extra padding because after a while they started to dig in to my shoulders making it a bit uncomfortable.


the Spyder bag has a handy media player pouch which is an added convenience for audiophiles such as myself





 clip on straps keep the Sypder Hydration Bag secure in place




 the Spyder Hydration Bag is slim and lightweight






Overall, I was really happy with the performance of the Hydration bag. Design wise, it is slim, ergonomic and very unobtrusive. Another plus is that this bag can even be used for other activities outside of bikin. I think I’ll be bringing this along for my next hiking or climbing expedition.


Spyder shades in three shades


And finally, my favorite pick from the pack: the Spyder Heydey Eyewear. These shades are awesome! First of all, it has interchangeable lenses which lets you choose the level of eye protection you need depending on the weather. It has an amber lens for overcast days, a dark lens for moderatley sunny days and a reflective blue lens for super bright days. Changing the lens is really easy as they pop out with a firm click and stay on nice and sturdy once inserted.

the orange lens were perfect for an overcast day

The fit is extremely comfortably and they are very lightweight. I actually forgot I was wearing shades because of how unobtrusive they were. The frame is minimal and the lens are wide enough so that theres nothing interfering with your peripheral vision. By far, Spyder Eyewear is probably among the best I’ve ever tried.

For my first encounter with Spyder products, I’d have to say I’m quite impressed with the performance of their gear and very pleased that they can be used for a versatile range of activities from biking to hiking and even extreme sports.  Trying out Spyder’s outdoor gear was certainly a venture into new territory, but one that made me quickly appreciate the need for top notch equipment even for amateur sports enthusiasts such as myself. I’d definitely recommend this to sports enthusiasts who are looking for quality gear at reasonably prices and also for those who don’t want to sacrifice style for functionality.

When in Manila, get a chance to win your own Spyder gear in their Road to 10,000 Promo. Find out more details on their Facebook page linked below:

Team Spyder Philippines

Team Spyder Philippines Facebook 







Spyder Sports Wear: High Performance Gear for the Street and the Race Track


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