SPOTTED: Filipino Vampire Slayer on the Cover of ‘Buffy’ Comics

A lot of people grew up watching ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ on TV. It was a show about a teenage girl in high school who discovers that she’s actually a slayer with powers to battle evil supernatural creatures (they were usually vampires).

The show, which was adapted from a 1992 film of the same name, was first turned into a comic book in the ’90s under Dark Horse Comics. It has since found a new home in Boom Studios after Dark Horse transferred its license. The first issue of the rebooted comic came out in January early this year and on June 6, a variant cover of their most recent issue featured a Filipina slayer from the 1900s!

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Clad in the traditional Filipiniana is a slayer from 1910 holding onto a vampire skull in one hand and a stake in another in full sepia. It’s so badass! Morgan Beem, the artist behind the beautiful cover, shared on Twitter that she already had the Philippines in mind when she started the cover and wanted to “play around with the old photo look”.

If you look closely at the artwork, you’ll see small details that make it even more Filipino (like the tiyanak in the jar behind the slayer). The idea of having a Filipino slayer back in the day is so exciting!

What do you think about this Filipino slayer?