Meet Wave — Marvel’s newest Filipino Superhero

We recently wrote about a new Filipina heroine debuting in Marvel’s New Agents of Atlas a while back but details were still very limited then. Aside from knowing she would be part of the Agents of Atlas team and that she “would be sure to play a pivotal role in the new team’s desperate bid to defend Asia from Malekith’s fiery allies”, we knew nothing else about her. But comic book writer Greg Pak finally unveiled Wave’s art design at the SXSW Conference and Festival.

(We’re about to get a Filipino superhero from Marvel!)

He also shared it on Twitter. He tweeted:

As announced at @sxsw, I’m thrilled to share the great @leinilyu‘s stunning design of WAVE, Marvel’s new Filipino superhero! Gorgeous colors by @sunnygho! She’ll appear for the first time in WAR OF THE REALMS: NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 in May, with art by Gang-Hyuk Lim!

Wave was designed by Filipino comic book artist Leinil Francis Yu. She’ll be fighting alongside heroes like Shang-Chi, Silk, Jimmy Woo, and newcomers Crescent, Io, Luna Snow, Aero and Sword Master. They face off against an alien invasion in The War of the Realms. 

Still, very little is known about Wave. Even our very own Darna, Angel Locsin, took to Twitter and began speculating about the mysterious hero:



There were also complaints from other Twitter users, saying the design was still very Euro-centric, especially when talking about Wave’s facial features. I think we can wait until we know and see more before burning anyone at the stake.

What do you think of Wave?