Sportsology: Fitness and Sports Gear to Help You Get Fit

Article by Camille Dominique Javier / Photos by Jeanne Dizon and Camille Dominique Javier

Whether you think you started gaining more pounds, want to start working out to lose weight, or just love doing sporty activities, having the right sports gear should be your top priority. Thankfully, the country’s newest sports outlet, Sportsology, has got you covered.

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Sportsology is the official distributor of brands like Trigger Point, McDavid, Sof Sole, Sneakerballs, Harbringer, Perfect Fitness, Balega, Shock Doctor, Airplus, and more! Whether you’re an athlete or wish you could be one, Sportsology wants to help you achieve that #OnTheGo lifestyle. How?

Their store, with its first branch located in Ayala Vertis North, is designed to be interactive, so you can get a proper feel of their products and find the perfect fit for you. With fitness and healthy living being a trend here, Sportsology co-owner Pierre Lim says that Sportsology wants to provide customers with the best gear to help them begin and sustain this kind of lifestyle. Sportsology currently offers products for the gym, running, cycling, volleyball, yoga, basketball, soccer, and other contact sports.

Meet them in our Grand Opening on September 29 at Ayala Vertis North ??

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Check out some of Sportsology’s sporting goods that are the perfect companions for your active lifestyle:

Sneaker Balls 

Keep your shoes fresh and odor-free with these adorable deodorizing sneaker balls! These look and fit amazingly well into any sneaker shoe. They come in various designs and sizes, too!

Cleaning and Maintenance Tools for Shoes and Sports Equipment

Sof Sole‘s sports equipment aerosol products are the perfect on-the-go cleaning tools to spray on your sports gear right after you use them. Extend the life of your sports gear by applying the Water Proofer spray that usually lasts a day of keeping your shoes dry as long as they’re not fully immersed in water.

Long and sweaty day after a workout? Don’t forget to keep those sports shoes smelling fresh by spraying the fresh and fragrant scented Fresh Fogger that eliminates foul odors that may emanate from your shoes. Lastly, my personal favorite is the Instant Cleaner designed to make the surface dirt on shoes easier to clean off.

The packaging comes with a handy makeshift brush as a lid that works well at removing dirt stains without destroying the fabric or shoe surface. Notice the before and after effects of the cleaner on the leather surface. I observed that this cleaner works best on leather or on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces. Suede also seems easy to clean with this, although canvas shoes are slightly harder to clean.

Packed with Style 

Carry your sports gear and other belongings while looking chic and sporty at the same time with Fjallraven Kanken backpacks! Sportsology carries a variety of colors for you to choose from!

Sports Socks

Treat your feet to the comfort and support they deserve! Sof Sole offers a variety of socks for running and other sports. Their socks are designed to optimize movement and performance without compromising on comfort and design.

Warmup Gear

Cooling head band

Expecting a hot, sweat-heavy day? Keep your face dry and clear from obstruction with (literally) the Perfect Cooling Band. This isn’t just some ordinary headband. Its fabric is designed to absorb sweat, be lightweight, and be stretchable enough to provide you with maximum comfort. Tough workouts and sports activities will be no sweat with this cool headband!

Get Those Gains

Pump some iron into those muscles and get yourself toned without compromising your hands. Give your hands the best support and comfort with Harninger’s gloves, belts, and other accessories.

Soothe Those Tired Muscles 

Rest and recover effectively with The GRID foam roller by Tripping Point. Foam rollers act as your personal masseuse, providing comfort by applying pressure on your sore muscles to help them recover.

What are you waiting for? Get on the move to achieve that active and healthy #OnTheGoLife! Get fit and don’t quit!


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