SPOILERS: Here Are All The Easter Eggs We Spotted in ‘Avengers: Endgame’

WARNING: This article includes spoilers for Avengers: Endgame. You may read our spoiler-free review of the movie here.

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Again, this article includes spoilers for Avengers: EndgameIf you haven’t seen the movie yet, this is your last chance to turn back.

(SPOILERS: ‘Avengers: Endgame’ is the perfect love letter to the last 10 years of the MCU)

Anyone who’s seen Avengers: Endgame can admit that watching it was a little overwhelming. Being a cinematic event that culminates the last decade means a lot of the hype can get to us, as the audience. We tend to miss the little things, at least until our second viewing. So here’s a list of all the Easter Eggs the When In Manila team was able to catch:

36. If you search “Thanos” on Google, you’ll see a caricature of the Infinity Gauntlet on the right-hand corner. Click on it, and you’ll be in a for a surprise. Make sure to finish watching until it’s completely over!

thanos google

35. Tony’s last line in the first Iron Man and in Endgame are the same: “I am Iron Man.”


34. Old Man Steve has actually happened in the comics already, though in a sadder way. Rather than it being his choice, the Super Soldier Serum in his blood began to decay as it was neutralized by an enemy called Nail. His body then rapidly aged until he died. (As pointed out by Elmer Del Rosario)

33. Tony’s funeral at the end is also very reminiscent of how the comics carried out Sentry’s funeral at the conclusion of the Siege arc. (As pointed out by Elmer Del Rosario)

32. Iron Man’s energy beams coming from those tendril-like structures on the back of his armor is probably the closest thing we’ll get to a Proton Canon. (As pointed out by Elmer Del Rosario)

31. Did you know that Black Panther once wielded an Infinity Gauntlet? This happened in the comic’s Secret Wars arc and it may have been referenced during the big battle. T’challa helping Spider-Man out with the Infinity Gauntlet during that game of keep-away could be a nod to that. (As pointed out by Elmer Del Rosario)

Black Panther Infinity Gauntlet

30. The sequence during the big battle where Carol Danvers flies into Thanos’ ship (and completely wrecks it) could represent Sentry’s actions during the events of Siege. He literally did the very same thing, except it was on Asgard. (As pointed out by Elmer Del Rosario)

29. Two Steve’s meeting in New York is a reference to the two Steve’s which exist in Marvel’s Earth Prime. The first is the Supreme Commander from the Secret Empire arc (who famously uttered “Hail Hydra), and the second is the original Steve Rogers that we know and love. (As pointed out by Elmer Del Rosario)

28. The small town of New Asgard with the remaining Asgardians is a nod to the time that a floating “Asgard” existed above Broxton, Oklahoma. That specific Asgard existed due to the events of Ragnarok in the comics and housed the remaining living Asgardians, as well. (As pointed out by Elmer Del Rosario)

27. Sam’s first words to Captain America once he’s brought back is “on your left”. This is also the very first thing Steve said to him at the beginning of Winter Soldier as they jogged in the same area together. (As pointed out by Anna Katalina Nadal)


26. Similarly, Bucky and Cap’s exchange towards the close of Endgame parallels an exchange in The First Avenger. The former happens before Cap travels back in time, while the latter takes place as Bucky is about to enlist in the army. Both times the line “don’t do anything stupid ’til I get back…” is said. (As pointed out by Anna Katalina Nadal)

25. Joe and Anthony Russo, Endgame‘s directors, previously worked with Dan Harmon on NBC’s Community. Their work on one of the iconic paintball episodes even helped them land their directing gig on Winter Soldier! So it’s no surprise that they would put 2 Community cameos here: the first is Ken Jeong as the security guard who let Scott Lang out. The second is Yvette Nicole Brown who was the woman in the elevator that eventually reported Tony and Steve’s presence in the military base.

24. Rocket Racoon was working his original Guardians of the Galaxy outfit! In the comics, this suit is actually a uniform for all the Guardians.

rocket racoon

Photo from comicbook.com

23. Antman’s first helmet is spotted on Hank Pym’s worktable in the time heist sequence.

22. The original Jarvis made an appearance when picking up Howard, Tony Stark’s dad. This was also the same iteration of Jarvis from the tv show, Agent Carter. 

21. There is speculation that Hawkeye was training his daughter in archery to be the new Hawkeye — who would also be part of the Young Avengers.

20. There is a Fortnite and Avengers partnership/crossover. The Russo brothers are reportedly big fans of Fortnite, which is why you can see the game being played at one point in the movie.

avengers endgame easter eggs fortnite fort nite night fortnight forthnite fourtnite xover crossover marvel infinity war gauntlet

19. If Cap returned all the stones, what does that mean for the soul stone? Did he try to give it back to Red Skull? As per Hawkeye/Ronin, returning the soul stone can’t be done (and it’s consequences can’t be undone). But what about the pocket universe that the gem creates in the comic canon?

18. Captain America probably brought Thor’s hammer to the past because he lost his shield. But does that mean he returned Thor’s hammer to that timeline after returning the infinity stones?

17. We finally got to see the Instant Kill mode of Spiderman’s suit. It was teased in the Spiderman: Homecoming movie but Peter immediately deactivated it before it could be used. 

avengers endgame easter eggs spiderman spider man peter parker suit killmode kill mode instakill stark heart marvel infinity war gauntlet

16. Thor was strongly referencing the Big Lebowski character.


15. Loki is alive… at least in a possible alternate universe. He took the tesseract in that timeline and escaped.

14. The Ancient One was strangely in New York and not in Kamar-Taj. She mentioned that Strange is still having surgery a few blocks away from where they were. 

13. This was, supposedly, Stan Lee’s last recorded cameo.

12. Pepper Potts suit is called “Rescue” from the comics.

pepper potts rescue

Photo from thefanboyseo

11. Falcon actually became Captain America for a while in the comics, and so did Bucky. In the comics, Cap was forced to pass the shield onto to Sam when the Super Soldier Serum in his blood began to decay and initiate rapid aging. Others who have taken on the mantle of Captain America include Scott Summers, Danielle Cage, and Shannon Carter.

avengers endgame easter eggs spiderman falcon captain america capt captamerica captainamerica captainfalcon falconamerica marvel infinity war gauntlet

10. Captain Marvel is so strong that Thanos needed the Power Stone to punch her away.

9.  In the comics, Captain America is one of the few people who were able to wield Thor’s hammer. In case you don’t remember, Vision was also able to lift the hammer in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Others ‘worthy’ of wielding the hammer in the comics include Loki, Hulk, and even Wonder Woman during a crossover event!

8. There is a version of Captain America that is actually a Hydra Agent in the comics. So when he said “Hail Hydra” there were geeks out there that wet their pants. And the scene itself was a callback to the elevator scene in Winter Soldier!  

captain america hail hydra

Art from Jesus Saiz and Joe Caramagna’s Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 

7. Thor said “Asguardians of the Galaxy”! This is not really an Easter Egg…. but an awesome pun!

6. The item on Tony’s float at the funeral, that says “Proof that Tony Stark has a heart” was actually the first arc reactor that Tony built for his suit. It was the second object in his chest, an upgraded version of the one built in the caves by the doctor to first save him. Tony replaced it when he got back home and asked Pepper to help him change it out. Pepper framed that one and gave it to Tony as a gift in Iron Man 1.

avengers endgame easter eggs tony stark heart marvel infinity war gauntlet

5. Cassie Lang (Scott’s daughter) is now about 16 years old in the movie, in the comics she is part of the Young Avengers as Stature.

cassie lang

Art from Jim Cheung, John Dell, and Justin Ponsor’s Young Avengers Presents #5

4. You might have missed it but when Iron Man looked at Doctor Strange during the battle, Doctor Strange lifted a finger, indicating the 1 way to win the battle…. which was for Tony to sacrifice his life.

3. When Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch were talking about hoping that Black Widow knows they won, and one of them says “I think they both do” — they were referring to Vision as he too is permanently gone since he passed when Thanos took the stone from him.

2. The kid at the funeral of Tony that no one knew, is actually the kid from Iron Man 3 who helped Tony. Rumors are that he might be “Iron Lad”.

1. There are no end credit scenes, but there was an end credit sound. It sounded like bells… but it was actually the sound of a hammer hitting steel. It was the sound of Tony Stark building his first iron man suit – this is significant as it is one of the first movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that led towards this! Geeks everywhere shed a tear when they heard this. 



Did we miss any Easter Eggs? Let us know what you were able to catch in the comments! 

This list will be continuously updated as more are found.