Southern Grind Bistro: You Better Watch Out for These New Ribs in Town

Written by Jesus Arturo Dalumpines
Photos by Caitlene Lee Uy

southern grind bistro 1

There is a new player in your line-up for your rib-fix days as Southern Grind Bistro will etch its name as one of your new primetime players in the rib game.

Started out by Chef Ton Carmelo Tallon, he envisioned bringing the Louisiana-style cuisine here in the streets of Manila. Together with his friend, Christopher Ching, they turned this concept into a reality in no time.

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southern grind bistro 2

Of course, the main player here are the ribs, but it’s not just any ribs. The St. Louise Smoked BBQ Ribs, prepared with care and grilled to perfection, will just catch you off-guard! The meat falls right off the bone and the distinct taste that wraps your buds will surely make the dish an instant classic for you. Complemented by a serving of java rice and coleslaw, The St. Louise Smoked BBQ Ribs will definitely be a mainstay on your ribs shortlist around the Metro.

What we like about Southern Grind Bistro is that they don’t just focus on their main dish, but also give respect to the supporting cast.

southern grind bistro 5

A personal favorite of mine would be the Pulled Pork Tacos since I’m a taco guy. It’s pretty well balanced with the savory pork along with the other ingredients, but the X-factor here would be the kick of the lemon squeeze. It gives the tacos a refreshing zest and my tummy a zen of exploding flavor in symmetry.

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Our photographer Caitlene, on the other hand, picked the flavorful Crispy Louisana Fish Tacos. Giving homage to the state where Chef Ton worked a few years back, it’s an underdog smooth treat that you shouldn’t overlook in the menu especially if you are a fish-lover.

southern grind bistro 8

For the chicken-lovers, no need to panic. There is an option for you, too. The kicking Chinatown Hotwings is here to save you from your cravings.

southern grind bistro 6

The rookie-of-the-year award, though, will go to this dishthe Deep Fried Shrimp Po Boy Sandwich. It’s not so much of newbie in its hometown of Louisana, but in the streets of Manila, it’s definitely something new. The first bite is an explosion of flavor ranging from the shrimp into the zesty and playful sauces of the sandwich. If you are a real foodie, you should give it a try!

A quick heads-up to the people located in the Malate and Buendia area because you guys are in for a treat! Head right now to Space Food Park in Menlo Street, Pasay City. For the peeps who would like to stay indoors, they have delivery services so you won’t miss out! And for the Quezon City crowd, you better watch out soon!

Southern Grind Bistro
Hotline and delivery: 21212


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