Soon, we’ll have only one toll collection system in all expressways



Ever since I learned how to drive and have been hooked to driving in and out of Metro Manila, it has always been a dream of mine that we have a single toll collection system. Not only does this cut down the number of receipts you get every time you pass by a different expressway on a single trip, it is also a whole lot convenient.

Fortunately, according to the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and Toll Regulatory Board, there are already talks to have only a single toll collection system for all expressways in Luzon. Apparently, there are 13 expressways in Luzon, and hopefully, soon this will be implemented. There are reports that the agreement to have a single system will be signed this month. With this agreement, operators will adjust their systems to make them interoperable.

So, if your car has an electronic tag like an Easytrip or an E-Pass, you can use it for all expressways in Luzon. If you use cash, you’ll be given one ticket when you enter and will need to pay only once at the exit. Of course, the opening of the NLEX-SLEX road will play a huge role to make this possible.

So, are you excited for this development? More road trips with less hassle, right?