Son Abusing Elderly Mom Caught on Cam

We at all love our moms. We appreciate them, and we are grateful for all the sacrifices they’ve done for us throughout the years. We understand however that other families may be going through rough times, some kids may feel the opposite and even despise their parents. Regardless, we just don’t think it’s right to PHYSICALLY hurt any living creature… especially your old and helpless mom.

A few days ago, this video started making rounds on Facebook. According to the owner of the video, Domy D.R., the man in the video is the son while the elderly woman is his mom. This video was taken around midnight at the bus terminal in Cubao last May 21, 2015

The audio is inaudible but one commenter guesses that this is what’s happening in the video:


I really hate it when people abuse anyone (even animals). No one has the right to hurt any living creature, and if this really is a mother and son relationship, it really breaks my heart to know that a son can ever treat his mom in such a way.

How do you guys feel about this?

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