Something Every Tita Would Enjoy

The Covid 19 pandemic has brought about a lot of stress and anxiety into our lives. Most of our days are spent working from home leaving us feeling isolated and lonely.  Under normal circumstances, I would go to spas to relax and unwind.  But our situation these days are far from normal. Hence, there is a need for a no fuss way to relax and destress at the comfort of our own homes.  Menthosoothe helps me say goodbye to headaches and pain while making me feel relaxed with just one glide.

Menthosoothe is composed of essential oils such as peppermint extract and eucalyptus which are believed to act as an analgesic to help combat headaches, dizziness, and travel sickness. With its roll on design, it gives you a cool and soothing feeling with every application wherever and whenever you may be. It also reduces itching and alleviates chest congestion and cough to help you go through your day.

Menthosoothe 001

What I love about Menthosoothe is that it gives my skin a cooling effect without the use of alcohol or menthol.  Because it uses Menthyl Lactate instead of Ethyl alcohol, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry.  The Bisabolol oil also doesn’t clog my pores while giving me the maximum results.

Menthosoothe also blended just the right amount of lavender with the oils, so the overall aroma makes me relax and relieved at the same time.  With this product, it leaves me smelling and feeling good at the same time.

Menthosoothe 002

In this time of pandemic, It is very important to take care of ourselves the healthy way.  Say goodbye to aches and pains and be stress free  with Menthosoothe Relief Serum.  It is now available at Lazada and has an ongoing promo.   For Php71.50 you get two for the price of one.  So hurry and add Menthosoothe to your cart now!