Solace Makati: The Newest Steak Destination in Makati to Wine and Dine


SolaceSolace Makati – The Place in Makati to ‘Wine and Dine’


When in Manila and you want some good tasting steaks, head on over to Solace Makati: Wine and Dine  –  the newest steak destination. Solace Makati, which started operations last November 2012, gave a sneak peek at its newest steak dishes a few days ago. Lucky for you, Wheninmanila.com was there to cover this great steak extravaganza!



Solace-Steak-Mae-Ilagan-When-In-Manila-1Chef Philip Golding inside the kitchen of Solace Makati


Chef Philip Golding gave us a little tour of the Solace Makati kitchen and told us more about the steaks to start off the evening. He also gave us a rundown on how he was going to cook our meats: by grilling them and then putting them in an oven to enhance the flavor of the meat’s juices. After our mini kitchen tour, we were sent back to our tables to sample the steaks. All of us had the choice to either get an order of the prime rib or of the chuck eye. Since our table was feeling adventurous that evening, we ordered both types of steaks to feast on. Our decision proved to have a wonderful outcome.


Solace-Steak-Mae-Ilagan-When-In-Manila-9The Ribeye Steak w/ side dishes


The Ribeye was served to us on a wooden plate and had a couple of side dishes. The meat was tender, juicy, and very mouth-watering.




Solace-Steak-Mae-Ilagan-When-In-Manila-12The Ribeye Steak @ Solace Makati


I tried to add some rosemary salt on my steak and it enhanced the flavor. So, imagine meat that is already tender and juicy, and then add an extra ‘kick’ through the spice. In essence, it made a wonderful medley on my tongue.


Solace-Steak-Mae-Ilagan-When-In-Manila-13The Chuck Steak 


The chuck steak was next on our steak itinerary and it was presented to us in a different fashion. While we had our ribeye steak in whole, this one was already cut up for the diners. In other words, it helped us go straight to picking our favorite strip of the chuck steak without having to slice them ourselves.




While the chuck steak was made of local meat, it still proved to be a contender against the rib eye. In fact, in terms of quality, the chuck steak surprised me as it was as tender as the previous steak. These Steaks were accompanied by Solace Makati’s wonderful selection of wines.


Solace-Steak-Mae-Ilagan-When-In-Manila-8Wine – The Perfect Partner for the Steaks @ Solace Makati