Chops Chicago Steakhouse: The Steakhouse in Makati That Gives You a ‘Straight-up’ Steak Experience

Chops Chicago Steakhouse: A View From The Inside

When in Manila and you have an appetite for steak, drop by Chops Chicago Steakhouse. Chops Chicago Steakhouse, located in Greenbelt Makati, was established last June of 2012. When one enters Chops, they will notice the interior design is just simple and not too extravagant. The wooden and brick combination of the restaurant’s interior design gives a ‘masculine’ feel to the surrounding. Ms. Celina, the PR head of Chops, said that this ‘masculine’ design sets the mood for a ‘straight-up steak dining experience’.


The Function Room @ Chops


Another notable feature of Chops Chicago Steakhouse is its function room. This room can serve two purposes: food and business meetings. For the ever busy white collar executive, this room can be a dining heaven. The long wooden table can double as a good dining area as well as showing presentations to your company while dining at Chops. The room also has tools for a lunch meeting such as an LCD projector, a fax machine, and other office tools that can be used for their business needs.




Chops: Showing-off The ‘Masculine’ Feel of the Restaurant



The restaurant heavily caters to those who love to eat good steaks and it can be seen on the menu. The restaurant is what one may call a carnivore’s heaven with menu entries such as Wagyu steak as well as Beef Angus. It’s noteworthy to point out that most of their steak selections are USDA Certified. Chops Chicago Steakhouse gives the customer the choice to set up their own steak experience by choosing the way the steak is cooked and the sauce they’d like to have with it. The steaks are served in a manly fashion with the wooden chopping boards. Chops Chicago Steakhouse is not just limited to their excellent steak selection. The menu also boasts some choice meat (chicken, lamb, pork) and sea food which also come in large proportions to satisfy the diner’s craving. For those who are on a certain diet, don’t worry. Upon request, the wonderful staff at Chops Greenbelt can cater to a customer’s specific diet for their meals.



Cesar Salad – Part of The Executive/Power Lunch Promo


Speaking of meals, Chops Chicago Steakhouse has a number of lunch promos that you would surely love. During the weekdays, they have the Power Lunch as well as the Executive Lunch. The Power Lunch Promo of Chops has you choose one of its normal lunch specials and makes it into a meal for just an additional payment of 179php. The meal includes the soup of the day, salad, dessert and coffee.





The Soup of the Day – The Navy Pier



The Executive Lunch is another combo meal that is worth your while. The executive lunch set consists of a Caesar Salad, Soup of the day, Wisconsin Tenderloin and the Dark Chocolate Cigar. We tried the Executive Lunch Set Meal and it was glorious. The side dishes were solid complimentary pieces to one of Chops’s best selling steaks.





Wisconsin Tenderloin



The Wisconsin Tenderloin is the centerpiece of this set lunch. Taking a bite out of the tenderloin was a very mouth watering experience. The beef was juicy, tender, and everything else one would look for in a steak.





Dark Chocolate Cigar



The dark chocolate cigar was a delectable dessert that I’d love to recommend for anyone who dines at Chops. The cigar was so tasty, sweet, and I’d love to have this one on my next visit. But if you think Chops Chicago Steakhouse in Greenbelt 5 only has this as a lunch promo, think again.

Chops Weekend Promo: Chops Til-You-Drop


The Chops Til-You-Drop at 1,200 php is their weekend promo buffet featuring their finest steak selection, salad, side-dishes and desserts. Chops Til-You-Drop is available from Saturday to Sunday from 11AM to 2PM and 6PM to 9PM. The buffet offers a fine selection of Chops’s best meats as well as salads and side-dishes.

The Side-Dishes

More shots of the Chops Til-You-Drop Buffet

The side-dishes featured in the buffet were string beans, spinach, mashed potatoes and cardiac rice. If there’s any highlights from the side-dishes it would be the cardiac rice. Chops’s Cardiac Rice is rice cooked with meat drippings and has some meat chunks of its own. The Cardiac Rice is worth the risk of a cardiac arrest it might bring due to its awesome taste. The salad portion of the buffet gives the diner a good way to start off their meals before coming to the main event: the meat.

The Meat Selection of the Buffet


The meat selection of Chops Til-You-Drop is amazing. The buffet features the following: beef strip loin, beef flank and rib eye, turkey leg, pork chops, pork ribs, and sausages (Hungarian and Bratwurst). The best part is, you can order these meat selections over and over again since it is part of the buffet.

Two sirloin steaks and one striploin from the buffet


Another fine sirloin, with a freshly grilled porkchop


Similar to the Executive Lunch, the meats in the buffet is top-notch. The steaks and pork selections are perfectly cooked. I thoroughly enjoyed my serving of beef striploin and pork chops from the buffet. Also, one of our table mates had a good time feasting on the turkey leg. The sausages of the Chops Til-You-Drop buffet was also tasty in their own right and should be tried out as well. While the main event was the meat selection, the buffet’s dessert selection was also delectable.

Dessert selection at the Chops Til-You-Drop Buffet

The dessert selection consists of the fruits and the pastries. The group’s favorite dessert selection would be their cookies. When we got a hold of their cookies, we couldn’t help but feel enamored by its sweet and chewy aura. We had to get a second batch of cookies to satisfy our sweet tooth.


A Solo Shot of the Beef striploin

All in all, my dining experience at Chops can be summed up in one word: fantastic. As a person who loves steak, beef, and other meats, this was certainly the place for me. If you are the same type of person who loves steaks, I’m sure you would have a blast in this restaurant as well.


One Happy Customer and his Turkey Leg

So, When in Manila and you are a steak lover, head on over to Chops Chicago Steakhouse. Also, when in Chops, don’t’ forget their weekend promo called Chops Til-You-Drop. I’m sure you’d enjoy their current weekend buffet promo as much as I did.


We would like to thank Chops’s Head Chef Peter Aysol, Ms. Celina Le Neindre and the staff of Chops Chicago Steakhouse. I would like to say it was a pleasure to ‘meat’ you all (pun intended). This author would also like to thank the wonderful people who accompanied him in this wonderful meat-filled lunch.

WIM Photos by: JoTan23

Chops Till-You-Drop Photo by: Chops Chicago Steakhouse FB Page

Chops Menu Pictures





Address: 4th Floor, Greenbelt 5, Greenbelt. Paseo de Roxas cor. Legaspi St. Ayala Center, Makati City


Contact No.:  945 – 8088


Business Hours: Monday to Sunday (11 AM to 11 PM)


Facebook Page:




Chops Chicago Steakhouse: The Steakhouse in Makati That Gives You a ‘Straight-up’ Steak Experience


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