Social Media Etiquette: Practice These 10 Tips to Make Your On-line Life Less Stressful

Social Media Etiquette  by Mae Ilagan (4 of 6)

I love my job! What I love most about it, is that, it doesn’t feel like “work” at all… for I don’t have to wake up super early and join the morning rush every day. My career also allows me to meet a lot of people from all walks of life, from the various places I visit. I also get to share my creative ideas and strategies with the brands I partner with. And best of all, I get to practice my love for taking photos as well as sharing my experiences with our multitude of readers on

Since I interact with so many people on a daily basis, lately, I noticed that I’ve become too addicted to what I do, that I tend to forget to rest. Yeah, I guess I love my work too much, that I turned into a workaholic. Time indeed flies super fast, when I multi-task from answering emails, posting on social media, editing photos and drafting articles all at the same time! Nakaka-stress din sobra!!

As much as I would like to deactivate from Facebook for a couple of days,  I can’t, ‘coz I have pages to manage and clients to attend to…. so yeah, with this, I had to set limits and prioritize things to regain control over my life!

Social Media Etiquette  by Mae Ilagan (4 of 6)

“When you gonna stop working ma? I needs me my tummy rubs NOW!”

I also remember reading an article last year about habits of successful people, and I remember it said, successful people value weekends and allot time for their loved ones and the things they are passionate about. After realizing this, I immediately made personal rules and practices, in order for me to still be very professional, while also enjoying the things I love doing.

And because I know many of you are also into social media, I’ve decided to share with you these things, that I personally practice in order to make on-line work life less stressfull. You see, most people haven’t realized this yet (like bugging you on FB chat during weekends), so ultimately, we have to set our own limits as we can’t be available to everyone all the time.

Here goes my Social Media Etiquette list, based on my own experiences:

10. Avoid sending emails beyond office hours.

You and your contacts need time to rest as well. Your contacts will appreciate it, I promise!

9. Only open your inbox during work hours.

Believe me, if you don’t set specific hours for this, the emails won’t end. huhuhu

8.Never open an email unless you are sure you are able to reply.

Do this to avoid missed messages. Same goes with social media chats. Reply to them, ONLY when you can, so contacts won’t be offended when they get “SEEN.” How would you feel if you get “seen” too without a single reply?

7. As much as possible, avoid work related conversations on FB chat (unless super urgent).

Keep FB chats for personal conversations only. For work-related concerns, exchange emails instead. Kundi talaga maiwasan, do them during work hours on weekdays. If you see your friend/contact posting about his/her current personal activity on social media (family event, date, outing etc), please have the decency to refrain from disturbing him/her. I-like mo nalang mga post nya.

Social Media Etiquette  by Mae Ilagan (6 of 6)

“all you do is work work work… I got your arm now hoooman! stop typing na”

6. Avoid posting your personal number on your email signature to avoid being disturbed by people who are “super hyper kulit”

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are innately annoying and are too demanding of your time. After sending you an email, they will immediately call you after a minute to follow-up! WTF dba? GRRRR!!! I used to suffer from this a few years back, so I decided not to include my number on my email signature. Now, they have no choice but wait for my reply via email. bwahahahaha!!!

5. Do your best to log-out on weekends.

Give yourself and your loved ones your UNDIVIDED ATTENTION! You’ll thank me for this someday!

4. Always think that people are “busy,” so be sure to ask them first politely, if it’s ok to call or chat.

Again unfortunately, there are some who do not have the decency to ask if you’re available. REMEMBER: Your contacts are just as busy as you are, so do your best not to annoy anyone (especially professional contacts)

3. Refrain from asking people to “LIKE” your post!

Seriously, if they genuinely like your content, they will! Grrrr

Social Media Etiquette  by Mae Ilagan (5 of 6)

“higaan ko na to para hindi ka na maka-type! Awat na Inday!” 

2. Hide/ unfriend/ block all contacts that give you “bad vibes” including drama kings/queens and model wannabes who are walking ads (kulang nalang pati toothpick, ipopromote).

Trust me – It wouldn’t hurt to clean your friends list once a while, to unfriend those you haven’t interacted with for a long time. It’s totally fine, don’t worry! You also don’t have to suffer from seeing overly emo posts or content that doesn’t really interest you.

1. Be sure to set an email responder or post a status informing people about your absence, so they won’t feel ignored or neglected.

As part of my work ethics, I do my best to keep my contacts feeling secure by always updating them about work and also in times when I won’t be available. The key is proper communication. Don’t just disappear. Always coordinate with them promptly, and if ever you need time off, give them a heads-up and say it nicely.

If ever you encounter people like me who have the same practices, hope you understand/respect us ….. perhaps you ought to do them too!

Social Media Etiquette  by Mae Ilagan (2 of 6)

working even on weekends! huhuhu my bad

Remember: You are equally as valuable as your contacts. And trust me, if you also give them the space they deserve, they will appreciate you all the more. You also deserve time-off to relax and enjoy. Take time to walk, go out, meet friends personally, meditate or perhaps pamper yourself with a relaxing massage! Go go go!!

Thanks a lot for your time! If you find these tips helpful, please do share it on your network.

If you have any more tips, feel free to comment below =)

Enjoy the Lenten break folks!

Rest rest din po tayo pag may time!

Social Media Etiquette: Practice These 10 Tips to Make Your On-line Life Less Stressful

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