So Here’s How Much Alex Gonzaga Earns From Vlogging…

Alex Gonzaga Vlog

It’s no secret that blogging and vlogging are now serious businesses. A lot of people have turned themselves into online celebrities, garnering fans, getting free products, and earning a lot of cash. But how much do bloggers and vloggers earn?

Celebrity turned vlogger Alex Gonzaga revealed how much she earns in an interview with Boy Abunda.

Watch the video below:

She said, “Here in the Philippines kasi, I get ‘yung percentage ng ads na pumapasok sa akin… It can range to… mostly nags-six digits talaga siya.” (“Here in the Philippines, I get a percentage of the ads that come in. It can range mostly to six digits.”)

Bianca Gonzalez, who was also on show, revealed how much an influencer can earn. While she has not monetized her YouTube account, she said that others can try different platforms, like Instagram.

Iba-iba ‘yan, siyempre ‘pag artista medyo mas mataas ‘yung presyo versus a model na starting na doesn’t come out on mainstream media. So a post, siguro puwede ‘yan mga P10,000, may P20,000. Kung artista ‘yan, puwedeng tumaas ng mga P50,000 or P60,000.” (It’s different. A celebrity can earn more than a starting model who doesn’t come out on mainstream media. A post can go from P10,000 to P20,000.

If it’s a celebrity, it can go as high as P50,000 or P60,000).

She adds that for a series of posts, it can go as high as P100,000.


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