Snow Creme’s Bestsellers: Melt Your Heart Away with Sweet Frozen Goodness

Snow Creme’s Bestsellers: Melt Your Heart Away with Sweet Frozen Goodness


Who says you can’t have something cold, icy and sweet during rainy days? At Snow Creme, that’s not a problem. If you are only looking for milk tea and ice cream, though, then I’d have to say that this is not your ordinary “sweet” escapade. 😉

Do you love ice? Tried the snow?  Feelin’ that freezin’? Well, you have to let it all go and try this newest sweet frozen craze in town: SNOW ICE. Not really cold enough, but definitely good enough! 🙂


Snow Creme


Snow Creme is THE place for a sweet treat that melts in your mouth and has the right amount of creaminess to tease the palate and make you crave for more. The perfect combination of milk tea and ice cream creates extraordinary goodness by hitting two favorites in just one product! Now I think I’ve made myself just melt away there. More, please. ..;)

Before anything else, though, let’s get down to the itsy bitsy history of Snow Creme. Snow Creme’s sweet products were personally concocted by one of the owners, the very young and beautiful Mrs.

Michelle Kho. She and her husband, Bryan, started the frozen fever at Snow Creme last October 16, 2013.

The idea came after a trip to Taiwan where they tried Taiwan’s shaved ice and thought about bringing it to the Philippines, but with a twist – combining it with milk tea, one of Michelle’s personal favorites.


Snow Creme

(The Snow Creme owners, Mr. Bryan Kho and Mrs. Michelle Kho.)

Their top 3 bestsellers for Snow Ice are Golden Mango, Black & White and Peanut Butter Foster.


Snow Creme’s Bestsellers


Snow CremeTop 3 Best Sellers


Let’s start with the #1 on the list: Golden Mango.


Snow Creme

(Golden Mango)

The first spoonful of Golden Mango instantly gave me an idea of why it is #1 – it has the perfect fusion of light cream, smooth shaved ice, mango cubes and a moderate amount of sweetness. Everything will melt deliciously in your mouth.

It. Is. Plain. HEAVEN.

My fellow WIM writer, Sheena, can attest to that. It became an instant favorite of ours – let’s say we got instantly hooked. I could actually have this for dessert everyday! Trust me. 😀


Snow Creme

(Black & White)

Black & White  is their #2 bestseller.

Its main ingredient is chocolate – an all-time favorite for most. In fact, most people can never resist the sweet temptation of chocolates or any chocolate-flavored dessert. This snow ice recipe consists of dark chocolate shaved ice, pearls, and milk pudding. The milk pudding resembles that of our “taho” but with a slightly thicker consistency. I guess this is that one ingredient that makes this a not-so-ordinary chocolatey dessert.


Snow Creme

(Peanut Banana Foster)


For their #3 bestseller, they have the Peanut Banana Foster.

Now most of you might be thinking: peanut butter for dessert? Oh yes, why not? 😀 I am no peanut butter lover, but this dessert changed that. The peanut butter flavor complemented the graham cracker and cookie crumbles topped over shaved ice well, and it was paired with banana slices to boot.


Snow Creme

(Taiwan Shaved Ice)

Of course, the snow ice selection wouldn’t be complete without the Taiwan Shaved Ice where the idea of Snow Creme originally came from. This is similar to our halo-halo, the only difference being that it has fewer ingredients. However, the good thing about it is that their sweet beans are soft and complement the overall texture of the Taiwan Shaved Ice very well.


Snow Creme

(Strawberry Matcha)

Aside from the snow ice, they also have milk tea and smoothies. Their bestseller for milk tea is the Strawberry Matcha. The green tea flavor is milder than the usual green tea milk tea I have tasted. The good thing about it is that you can actually request for your green tea flavor according to your liking. Sheena preferred hers to be milder, while I found it to be just right. If my boyfriend were there, I’m sure he’d definitely request it to be a bit stronger. Hmm, so does this mean I’ll be having green tea more often now? I believe that is going to be a definite.  😉


Snow Creme

(Honeydew w/ Mango Bits Smoothie)

For the smoothie section, their bestseller is the HoneyDew w/ Mango Bits Smoothie. Sheena and I liked the perfect blend of mango cubes with the cream – not too sweet, not too creamy, but with a flavorful, fruity aftertaste because of the honeydew.


Snow Creme


What I loved the most about their sweet frozen delights is the fact that the ingredients are all-natural. Mr. Bryan Kho said they want to offer a healthier option for smoothie, milk tea and snow ice lovers by giving them sweet products that have less sugar and fewer calories.


Snow Creme

(Make Your Own Snow Creme)

Oh and wait, did you know that you can also make your own Snow Creme? Yes! You can choose from the wide array of ingredients and personalise your Snow Creme if you want.

This is definitely a very interesting option and raises the Snow Creme experience to a whole new exciting level! 😉


Snow Creme

(Chicklets and Mojos)

And to balance it all out, they also offer snacks like chicklets (breaded chicken bits) and potato mojos – just the right partner for every sip of milk tea and spoonful f snow ice.

If reading this already makes you feel colder, wait ‘til you experience the ambiance of the place – it has a cozy, warm ambiance set with mellow lights and the right kind of chill music. Snow Creme’s designed for barkada hangouts, bible study groups or even the solitary comfort of reading books, checking emails or net surfing with your laptop alone with its particularly secluded nooks. Each nook has its own bit of privacy where you can do your thing without having to worry about peering eyes over you. Indeed a place of relaxation and comfort plus a happy tummy. 😉


Snow Creme


Sheena and I noticed we “melted away” after a couple spoonfuls of snow ice and simply enjoyed the place and the music. And then….we casually started talking about school stuff, work, music, interests and a whole lot of topics in-between. Ooopps, we kinda got carried away there. *teehee* But exactly the point – the perfect place to relax, to bond over a bowl of snow ice, a cup of coffee or a glass of milk tea in-between munches of snacks. I might have my bible study group there one of these days, too. *wink*


Snow Creme

(Coffee and Top Picks)

Melt your heart away with frozen goodness only at Snow Creme. Remember: no cold is ever too freezing for delish sweets and warm company in a cozy place. 🙂

And here’s something to look forward to: Snow Creme will be celebrating their 1st year anniversary this coming October 16, 2014, so watch out for their upcoming promos!

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Snow Creme

(WIM writers with Bryan and Michelle Kho)

(Special thanks to Mr. Bryan Kho and Mrs. Michelle Kho as well as to the entire staff of Snow Creme for the warm welcome.)

Dining experience courtesy of Groupon Philippines.

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Snow Creme


Unit 2A 2/F, #189 Maginhawa St. corner Makadios St., Quezon City, Philippines





Snow Creme’s Bestsellers: Melt Your Heart Away with Sweet Frozen Goodness