Smokin’ Hot BarBQ: A New Take On Filipino Cuisine!

The Bistro Group has a new restaurant concept that gives a relatively new – maybe even old – taste to the palate of every foodie! Smokin’ Hot BarBQ, located in the posh Greenbelt 3 area, offers delicious new take on our well-loved Filipino dishes.

Nikko Panti for WhenInManila.com


The Bistro Group, which is behind the restaurants like Italianni’s, Friday’s, Village Tavern and many other concept food establishments, recently opened an additional concept restaurant that focuses on our local cuisine. “Smokin’ Hot BarBQ is a new casual dining restaurant concept set to serve an all-Filipino cuisine but presented with Bistro’s creative takes,” says Bistro Group of Restaurant’s corporate Chef Josh Boutwood. 

From the restaurant’s name alone you would know that their specialty is everything grilled, like barbeque. But Smokin’ Hot BarBQ has transformed our favorite Filipino dishes with at interesting tweak in terms of presentation. But the taste, as Chef Boutwood said “remains traditionally Pinoy just the way you want it!”

I won’t keep you waiting, here’s what they prepared for us when they invited us to have a taste of what they offer!


For appetizers, Smokin’ Hot BarBQ has a lot to offer to their ‘would-be-loyal’ foodies! Personally, I liked their appetizers more than the main dishes that they served. The salads were fresh and would really make you ask for more, just like their version of escargot – or locally known as kuhol.

Nikko Panti for WhenInManila.com

Pako Salad – Php 135.00

Fresh pako (fern leaves), grated coconut, native white cheese and diced tomato, tossed in homemade vinaigrette

Nikko Panti for WhenInManila.com

Ensaladang Mangga – Php 85.00

Shredded green mangoes tossed in homemade shrimp paste, fresh tomato and shredded leeks

The salads were quite interesting to my palate, honestly it’s my first time to eat pako but I think I’ll come back for this. And who wouldn’t love a platter of green mangoes with bagoong, I think it’s the perfect salad anytime especially on this hot weather.

Nikko Panti for WhenInManila.com

Kuhol sa Gata – Php 215.00

Golden snail simmered in coconut milk and green curry, garnished with chopped chilis and lemongrass.

Nikko Panti for WhenInManila.com

Grilled Pig’s Ear – Php 265.00

Tender pork ears marinated, grilled and basted with special sauce


Crispy Bacon Belly – Php 220.00

Bacon-cut pork belly fried to a crisp.

Nikko Panti for WhenInManila.comPork Sisig Wraps – Php 225.00

Sizzling pork sisig served with grilled tortilla bread


The appetizers of Smokin’ Hot BarBQ are absolutely delish! When all of these dishes were served on our table, I can’t help but dig in to them. The Pork Sisig Wraps were my absolute favorite appetizer from the menu, their twist to the favorite  as an appetizer has achieved its purpose to bring something new to a foodie like me. Their version of escargot, fine kuhol, is also delicious! Although it might be a little bit spicy but nonetheless it’s yummy! According to their store manager you could opt to have it a little milder, if you’re not fond of spicy dishes.