Smokeless, Gasless, and Lightweight Grill? Yes, It’s Real

Smokeless, Gasless, and Lightweight Grill? Yes, It’s Real


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There are many of us who’d like to cook, but are too busy because of school, work, or other responsibilities. Because of the lack of time, many people choose to go the instant route, which can be sad and unfulfilling.

One of the most fun ways to cook is grilling, but it probably isn’t everyone’s go-to option when preparing meals. There’s the bulky equipment and the unavoidable smoke, and the fact that it eats up both time and space. So here’s what the people behind the patented LotusGrill did: They developed a smokeless, gasless, and lightweight grill that works with any kind of charcoal, which takes away all the hassles normally tied to grilling, and leaves the experience exactly how it should be—fun, sensorial, and most important of all, convenient.


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Smokeless, gasless, and lightweight? Take all our money! 


The LotusGrill weighs 4 kg, so it isn’t meant to be just a fixture in your home. Bring it with you to a quick beach or camping getaway, or take it with you to a get-together, and watch your friends’ and family’s eyes light up at your grilling game. Because it has only four key parts–a grill grid that can handle cooking for up to five people, a safe outer bowl that never gets hot retaining the grill’s portability, a stainless steel inner bowl, and a 250-gram charcoal container located inside the inner bowl—the LotusGrill is extra easy to take apart and assemble. Two latches secure the four parts together, so even if the LotusGrill gets knocked over, charcoal or embers don’t stand a chance at escaping.

And if you’re grilling, roasting, and baking for a big group, the LotusGrill XL can handle cooking for up to 10 people. This is made possible with a bigger grill grid, which has double the cooking surface of the original LotusGrill. Also, you can personalize the LotusGrill and LotusGrillXL with your favorite colors: Lime Green, Blazing Red, Corn Yellow, Anthrazit Grey, Plum Purple, and Mandarin Orange.


How is the LotusGrill smokeless?

When fat and oil from your food drip on charcoal, this causes smoke to inevitably spew out. The LotusGrill’s brilliant design ensures that the inner bowl catches any grease trickling from your food, keeping it from getting in contact with the charcoal.

This smokeless setup comes with a slew of advantages: Grilling in a limited space, like a condo unit, is now possible; worrying about your kids getting in close proximity to flames is now unnecessary; and burning your food—which can cause it to become carcinogenic—is now less likely to happen.



You can grill steaks without having to deal with all the smoke 


How does the LotusGrill work?

Using no electricity, a 4 AA battery-powered fan that’s built inside the LotusGrill constantly supplies the charcoal container with air. When air is forced over charcoal this way, heat is generated much faster, meaning the LotusGrill becomes up and ready for grilling in under four minutes. The grill isn’t picky, too, and works with any charcoal and igniter.

Make no mistake, though: This doesn’t mean that the LotusGrill takes away from the experience of grilling by cooking all of your food at high-speed, and compromising its taste. By using the LED-lit switch that infinitely adjusts the heat, it’s still you who calls the culinary shots. Dining solo and want something healthy? Opt for a quick barbecue. Cooking for a group and want to impress? Take your time (depending on the charcoal used, the LotusGrill can cook for up to 90 minutes), and allow the flavors of your food to really seep. No matter the amount of time you have, and no matter what your taste buds’ preferences are, trust that the LotusGrill will adjust to your needs.

Ever feel like channeling your inner MasterChef but don’t have the time? The Lotus Grill and LotusGrill XL is now available in the Philippines at select Rustan’s Department Stores, Ansons, Robinsons Handyman, True Value, Robinsons Department Stores, SM Department Stores, R.O.X. and Crossing Department Stores. Now’s your chance to cook that steak you’ve been dreaming of.



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Smokeless, Gasless, and Lightweight Grill? Yes, It’s Real

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