Slice Cafe: Enjoy Life in One Slow Bite and Slice at a Time!


When In Manila, take a Slice of the good life with good food at Slice High Street!

Slice is one of the newest establishments in Bonifacio High Street Central and is owned by senator, triathlete, entrepreneur, Pia S. Cayetano. Slice is a product of her imagination, dreams, travels, food cravings and desire to share her passion for healthy eating albeit with the occasional indulgences. Finding out about Slice’s background inspired me a lot as I think that Ms. Pia is one of those people who turns their passion into something that they can share to the people and in this case, Slice is the sweet and delightful brainchild of her passion.

We were lucky to spend one lazy Sunday afternoon at Slice and we enjoyed it so much! 🙂


Welcome to Slice!


For starters, we had their Lite Granola which is coated with cocoa sugar. They also have the regular variety, which is coated with sugar and honey. And before I forget, they do make their own granola. Isn’t that cool?


Next up is the Thick Tomato Soup (Php120) – Puree of fresh tomatoes infused with cream


I am a fan of soups and this one is up on my list, I liked the thick texture of it and the taste isn’t so overpowering.


Tropical Salad (Php250) – Greens with an assortment of fruits in season in mango vinaigrette dressing topped with parmesan cheese


So okay, I’ll let you in on a secret. Are you ready? I don’t really eat that much *cough*vegetables*cough*. Well, I guess I can be very picky when it comes to the greens and I cannot consume a plate unless my life depended on it. But for this one, I actually liked it. The greens are fresh and the mango vinaigrette made it a lovely pair. This is one of the salads that is going on my picky-vegetable-eater exception list!


Now this one is a new comfort food that we discovered! I highly recommend you to try it!


Brown Arroz Caldo (Php150) – Chicken breast chunks with brown rice infused with ginger and turmeric and topped with egg


This one is their bestsellers and it’s a no brainer once you’ve tried it. Best when eaten warm and it has that same comforting feeling that a chicken soup gives. Believe me! Plus it’s of brown rice so it’s healthy! Slice’s Brown Arroz Caldo is perfect for a rainy day, when you’re down and sick or when you just simply need that comfort food. Hm… I keep on recalling the cozy feeling I got when I first had this! Can’t wait to have this again!


Seafood Puttanesca (Php390) – Shrimp and Salmon in lightly creamed puttanesca sauce tossed in linguini pasta


We definitely liked this one that it was gone in an instant! 😛


Barbecue Chicken Rice Melt (Php390) – Barbecue Chicken Strips on brown rice covered with cheese


Mmm-hmmm cheesy goodness! I love chicken and cheese and putting them together in this very savory and healthy dish, two thumbs up! Melted cheese and barbecue chicken, it’s sooo goood!


For our refreshments, we had Raving Raspberry and *drumroll please!*… Moringa Miracle! (Php100)


Yes, you’ve read it right — Moringa aka Malunggay! I was skeptic about it in fear that it may taste leafy and vegetable-ish hence me going for the Raspberry instead but it was a wrong move, this green cooler is really good, sweet and refreshing. Something new to try when you visit Slice.


Luscious Lychee Taho and Pineapple Watermelon Swish (Php150)


And now here comes the best part — DESSERTS!!

So they say on Slice that desserts come first, but we chose to save the best for last.


Slice Champorado – Granola served with banana and peanut butter with the choice of milk chocolate (Php160) or Belgian dark chocolate (Php200)


This was something new and interesting. We were accustomed to the rice champorado, but substituting it with granola? Why not! Add the chocolate, milk, bananas and peanut butter (to your liking) and it’s a great combination!


Deadly Desserts! Nuts about Banana, Red Velvet Cupcake, Double Choco Yema and Pineapple Carrot Surprise

Their muffins and cupcakes are priced Php60-70.



And now let me introduce you to their very sinful yet very delicious Choco Yema Cupcake. And they weren’t kidding when they wrote “Death by Choco Yema” in their menu description of the Choco Yema. The choco cupcake is fluffy and the yema on top is divine! Sweet and creamy yema that completes the double treat of the Choco Yema cupcake! It’s their bestseller among others and a must try on your visit!


The Red Velvet cupcake on the other hand was gone even before I could take another photo of it, my younger sister loved it so much that she didn’t mind getting some frosting on her face. The Nuts about Banana muffin on the other hand is also a different story, I took care of it mostly because it was really good for a banana muffin. No monkeying around about it!


This one is the Pineapple Carrot Surprise. And yes, there is a surprise inside hence the name. 🙂 You really can’t see it in the photo so you will have to try it yourself. And let me know if you figured what the surprise is!


Banana Cream Pie (Php150) – Slice’s version of the famous English dessert. Graham crust, slices of bananas, yema custard and whipped cream


This one’s also a winner! The yema custard was so good and it melts in your mouth! Slice really has the best desserts! I will definitely go back and try the others.


Obvious faces of the satisfied and sugar-elated!


Full house on a Sunday! Slice has a very welcoming and cozy vibe and I seem to notice that a lot of Slice’s patrons are in families so I can really say that Slice is a family-friendly cafe.


I really liked their photo wall!


Muffins and cupcakes selection!


They also sell their granola in packs so you can take some home.


Moreee cupcakes!


I’m curious about this Choco Stirrer so this is on my list to try next time!


More Double Choco Yema goodness!


Thank you Sir Pat Bocobo for accommodating us! We had the best time!


We definitely had a great time at Slice! It was comfort food overload and I don’t mind having it over and over again!

We’ll surely go back for more! 🙂


The Slice Manifesto


When In Manila, have a slice of the good life at Slice High Street! And as their manifesto goes, it is where desserts come first (this part I love so much!), breakfast is served all day, healthy alternatives are always recommended and where life is enjoyed one slow bite and slice at a time. 🙂





G/F Southeast block, Bonifacio High Street Central,

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Contact Number: (02) 553 7783

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Open daily from 9:00AM to 12:00MN




Slice Cafe: Enjoy Life in One Slow Bite and Slice at a Time!



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