Skin Rejuve Prestige: Skin Treatments, Nail Services, and Coffee in One

Having a go-to place for all of your beauty needs is a real lifesaver in the fast-paced world we live in. This holds especially true when you’re working full time and almost always have your calendar filled with events and things to do. Finding a place to do all of your beauty up-keep can be quite challenging, though.

Skin Rejuve Prestige just opened its 11th and most luxurious branch at The Forum, BGC. It’s a place that offers facial treatments, nail services, and even a café for your coffee fix.

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If you’re looking to reduce your wrinkles or just walk out with glowing skin, their Diva Gold Facial (Php4,000) is a must-try. It’s safe for all skin types and focuses on reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin in only 70 minutes. They start by applying a gold mask to brighten the skin and help reduce inflammation.

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This is then followed by LED lights (red, yellow, blue, and green). The rays are scientifically proven to stimulate collagen and elastin production by increasing circulation of the blood.

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However, if you’re looking for an all natural and painless facial, the Aqua Glo (Php4,000) is the best option for you. It is also suitable for all skin types. This facial reduces uneven skin tone and blocked pores. It is a wet type of derma peel that cleans, exfoliates, and hydrates the skin in just one session.

If you need to add some color to your nails, you need to try out their new nail services, as well, which include the Cat’s Eye and the Dip.

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The Cat’s Eye (Php950) is a really cool nail polish that merges two colors together and uses magnets to create patterns on your nails.

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The Dip (Php750) is a type of nail powder where the nail color is transferred onto your nails by “dipping” them into a pot of powder, which is then buffed to shine.

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They also have a café to quench your thirst while getting your treatments done. We recommend their Caffe Mocha (Php115), which is made with UCC coffee beans.

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If you’re looking for a refreshing drink, their best-selling Mango Banana Mint Smoothie (Php135) is a must-try.

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Drop by Skin Rejuve Prestige in BGC to get your beauty needs done all in one elegant place!

Skin Rejuve Prestige

2-4 The Forum South Global 7th Avenue corner Federacion Drive, Bonifacio Global City