Multicolored Pastel Nails: The Latest Buzz on Instagram

From bright makeup to different hair colors and all the monochromatic looks, this year is definitely all about the trendiest shades. Now, what caught everyone else’s attention is the multicolored pastel nail trend that is going around Instagram!

Time to say goodbye to all those fancy nail arts with lots of colors and swirls because we’re about to get minimal and simple with this trend. It involves painting each nail with a different color. You can paint one nail pink, one nail blue, and so on until you’re wearing the rainbow at your fingertips! With 10 fingers and toes, you can have every color of the spectrum! Talk about quirky and chic.

And when you think those pastel colors are not enough… Take the whole look up a notch by pairing it with stylish accessories such as mismatched rings and bracelets.

Cute, right? Why don’t you give it a try and let us know what you think?


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