Sister Act the Musical: 6 Reasons to Go Watch it Now!

The Broadway hit and Tony for Best Musical nominee arrived in Manila earlier this week at the theatre of Solaire Resort and Casino! And it’s running only for the next two weeks! After watching the show on its opening weekend, here are six reasons why you might want to go see the feel-good production as well.

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6. You might never get the chance again

The show is currently on a limited two-week run, and because they’re on an international tour, they’re heading out to China right after this leg of the tour. This means they don’t have the luxury of extending or re-running the production, so these next two weeks are the only chance to see the show. Additionally, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see Sister Act again as the restaging of musicals that have already been done before is pretty rare in Manila (with notable exceptions like The Sound of Music).

And, even if you ever get the chance to visit New York or London, Sister Act is no longer running at both the theatre hubs, making this your only likely chance to ever see it.

5. The show’s music is from the beloved Alan Menken

The man responsible for all the classic songs you’ve ever loved (The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and more) also composed the music for this musical, with music varying from the powerful showstoppers like “Raise Your Voice,” to the R&B solo “I Could Be That Guy.” Songs like “Haven’t Got A Prayer” and the slow and sweet titular “Sister Act” reflect Menken’s Disney-esque style.


4. It brings the audience laughing every five minutes

Admittedly, the source material makes it hard to get attached to the characters of Sister Act as you’re watching. What carries the audience through are its jokes and quips that stir the audience so often with Dené Miller’s way-too-eager but fair portrayal of Deloris van Cartier and the transformation of the nuns to showbiz performers. (A special shoutout to Jared Bedgood whose few moments on stage as Curtis’ nephew pleased the crowd each time.) Like Deloris says, they put the ‘sis’ in Genesis.

3. It may make you shed a tear

Going into the theater and all through Act I, I really didn’t expect the show would make me tear up. Although Sister Act takes time to get its good moments out there, one moment towards the end of the second act just brings you to an “awww” moment that gets you supporting the bonds of their sisterhood.

2. The singing nuns

That’s probably the primary reason for many people to watch this show. Incidentally, it’s when the choir of nuns raises their voices that the show picks up and the stage brims with energy. It’s these numbers that are most worth remembering, especially when it gets to the glittery costumes and glitzy dance moves set against a huge statue of Mary and some beautiful stained glass panels (which would make a pretty church in real life, if you ask me).


1. The belt-outs

The highlight of the show really comes through the actresses who hit the high notes. Dené, who plays the lead role of Deloris van Cartier, sings effortlessly as she rouses the nuns in “Raise Your Voice.” Meanwhile, Sophie Kim in the role of the soft-spoken Sister Mary Roberts surprises everyone with her true vocal range in “The Life I Never Led.” Even the uptight Mother Superior (played by Rebecca Mason-Wygal) has her own moment in “Haven’t Got a Prayer.” Performances like these are always impressive with general audiences, and are memorable even after the curtains close.

And whatever you think of the show, it will have you singing “Take Me to Heaven” all the way home.

Sister Act runs from Tuesday to Sunday until July 9 in Solaire. Get your tickets at TicketWorld today!