Sisig Society: Enjoy the Sisig of Your Dreams

Sisig Society specializes in creating the sisig of your dreams. Here, the classic sisig can be customized with an assortment of various meats and starches, mouthwatering sauces and distinctive toppings. The crispy and tangy sisig is combined with flavorful ingredients, so customers can come up with 120 creative versions of sisig dishes.

Sisig Society’s first branch is located in Eastwood City. Many are smitten by the one-of-a-kind dining experience that takes place in a playful, whimsical and interactive setting. Everything from its tall glass windows, intricate mosaic tiles and green plants is a testament to that fact.

Sisig Society Offers the Sisig of Your Imagination.1

Sisig Society Offers the Sisig of Your Imagination.1

Sisig Society Offers the Sisig of Your Imagination

Sisig Society Offers the Sisig of Your Imagination5

The restaurant’s menu reinvents the sisig experience by adding a creative approach to your favorite Filipino pulutan. I tried some of their bestsellers and came up with a list of dishes that you should definitely check out!

Sisig Society Offers the Sisig of Your Imagination6

Create Your Own Sisig (P169)

I can absolutely say that nothing can beat Sisig Society‘s customized sisig plates. I ordered classic seafood sisig topped with slivers of crispy bacon and melting cheese. The dish was slathered with a generous dose of their secret sauce and egg yolk on the side.

The unique and original combination encapsulates the savory flavors of a classic Filipino dish. This just goes to show that your sisig dreams can become a reality at Sisig Society.

Sisig Society Offers the Sisig of Your Imagination4

Crispy Sisig (P169)

This piping hot dish of crispy sisig is the supreme epitome of Filipino comfort food. It has classic sisig luxuriously coated with crispy chicharon, caramelized onions, sarsa sauce and an added option of steamed white rice – a deliciously fresh and savory way to celebrate the end of a long day’s work.

Sisig Society Offers the Sisig of Your Imagination8

Crispy Kare-Kare / Bacon Bagnet (P159)

One great takeaway from Sisig Society is that kare-kare tastes best when it’s irresistibly crispy. You’ll know what I mean once you try out this innovative fusion of crispy pork belly strips and earthy veggies lying in copious amounts of signature peanut sauce and bagoong. If you’re looking for a peanut-y curry fix concoction, this dish is a godsend!

Sisig Society Offers the Sisig of Your Imagination7

Tusok-Tusok Platter (P169)

Drinking beer with your favorite pulutan is one of the best barkada bonding experiences. The next time you drink and dine, be sure to try out Sisig Society’s Tusok-Tusok Platter. The platter involves a long array of chicken crisps, meatballs and fish balls that are unbearably delicious when dipped in spiced vinegar and sweet sauce. Be sure to enjoy it all night long with alcohol and good company!

Sisig Society Offers the Sisig of Your Imagination9jpg

Suman Turon (P69)

If you’re a fan of suman and turon, then you’ll surely love this delicious combination. True to its name, the dessert is mainly sticky rice rolled in a fried spring roll wrapper. The treat is topped with vanilla ice cream and a dash of caramel sauce, which add a slightly sweet flavor to your favorite merienda. You may indulge in the brightly-colored wad of ice cream, then munch on the suman turon’s smooth texture and subtle tang. Conversely, you may enjoy it in equal portions and relish the thick consistency of vanilla combined with the surprisingly familiar tang of suman and turon.

Sisig Society Offers the Sisig of Your Imagination

Bottomless Mojito (P169)

Enjoy your sisig with a minty blend of lemon flavored mojitos. The alcohol will surely make you unwind after a long day’s work.

Sisig Society is definitely the place to be when you’re craving for your favorite pulutan. Be sure to stop by to enjoy the sisig of your dreams!

Sisig Society