Single Origin: All Day Breakfast for the Not-So-Early Birds

Breakfast food is the most comforting of them all. After a peaceful slumber, you get greeted by the sweet scent of pancake, butter, and toast as you hear the light sizzle of bacon and eggs being fried like music to your ears. This is the meal of the day where you’re allowed to delight in sweet and savory at the same time—an almost sinful indulgence just so you can power through the day. But take note: this is usually only if you wake up early.  

For all you patient birds not itching to get the worm out there comme moi, it must feel like self-torture to miss breakfast sometimes. I like morning food, but I just can’t seem to wake up early enough to hit the mark of the usual breakfast time. Luckily, I discovered a cafe called Single Origin that serves superb all-day breakfast for people like me.  


Truth be told, I have heard of Single Origin before. However, like most people, I just mistook it as a regular cafe that can cater to a coffee fix. With an interior as cozy as that, it’s no wonder we’d get that vibe. Apparently, there’s more to this specialty cafe than that, though.  

DSCF0571Creme Brulee – Php200

Aside from their coffee, they also take pride in their all-day breakfast. Single Origin serves waffles, pancakes, French toast, and various other brunch meals from around the globe! Two of their bestsellers are the Strawberry Cream Cheese and S.O. French Toast. It’s a heavy meal practically good for two people, but it’s absolutely rejuvenating to the tastebuds with their fresh fruits and sweet maple syrup.

DSCF0546Just a whiff of the strawberry slices and whipped cream cheese will make you swoon. Priced at Php395. 

DSCF0552This S.O. French Toast (Php285) has a buy 1 get 1 promo until May 30, 2018, from 7am to 10am  

Are you #TeamStrawberry or #TeamBlueberry? You decide!

Aside from their breakfast food, they also serve main courses for those looking for something more filling. In all honesty, it’s as delicious (if not more) as their all-day breakfast meals. Here are some of the items that we loved:  


Surf and Turf Beef Dough Pizza – Php395

Even if you don’t like beer, beer-infused food has a rich and earthy flavor to it. You won’t even get drunk by it because the alcohol evaporates throughout the cooking process! If you do like beer, though, you can order one of their draft beers to match your meal. 


Pasta Negra Frutti de Mare – Php450

This is my favorite on their menu because I am a big fan of squid. What’s unique about their Pasta Negra is that they infused the squid ink in the pasta itself instead of just using it as sauce to make it black. The noodles are already black and topped with frutti de mare or fruits of the ocean, such as clams and shrimps; then served with two well-toasted sliced baguettes.


Cheese Platter – Php525

Celebrating something? Or simply just want to catch up over fancy nibblers? The Cheese Platter has 4 different kinds of cheese, a serving of grapes, toast, and some honey for dipping. Needless to say, wine goes terrifically well with this.    

To cap off what you ate, they also have a wide selection of beverages to choose from:


Blanco Y Negro  – Php230

This falls under the coffee category, but this it can double as dessert! Similar to an affogato, they have coffee granita (slightly frozen iced coffee) topped with their house-made Madagascar vanilla ice cream. This is a must-try! You can choose to add more ice, too, if you find it too sweet.  


Holfate Draft Beers

I mentioned earlier that they have draft beers. Well, it’s noteworthy that they came from a brewery in Australia! If you’re looking for a smooth and light beer to chug with your friends, Single Origin is the place to be. They have Road Trip (Php320), and Little Heifer, Norton, and Mount Macedon Ale (Php295 each).

Cocktails while eating brunch? Why not, right? These cocktails are gems for those looking for a little bit of heat in their system. They have 8 flavors to choose from and the price ranges from Php250 to Php420. (The gin used in some of the flavors are Martin Miller’s labeled – a drink very popular in the United Kingdom!)

A straight-forward gin drink that’s stronger than your ex could ever be. Priced at Php420. 

DSCF0626  These two are concocted with Martin Miller’s, but lean towards the fruity side. Priced at Php290 and Php420.

*They have a Happy Hour promo from 4pm to 8pm daily! Enjoy 25% off of selected drinks such as the Holgate Little Heifer.


Lastly, they have a stored-value card if you want to give a gift certificate for a special occasion! It’s reloadable and will surely put a smile on any recipient’s face.

Single Origin understands your time. You won’t miss out for being a not-so-early bird because they’ll cater to your wants all day any day. Now, go and get that breakfast food you’ve been craving for!

Single Origin

Single Origin, 2/F C3, Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City
G/F Edades Bldg. Amorsolo Drive Rockwell
G/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza Street, Ayala Center, Makati

0977 390 0429 / 02 728 24 67