Should Employers Be Requiring Bachelor’s Degrees Without Paying Minimum Wage?

The issue of requirements for employment has recently been a hot topic on social media. Of course, people have been making and sharing memes about unrealistic expectations from potential employers for years now but the conversation only just took on a Philippine context. 

A viral post on Facebook loudly proclaimed: “Employers: please stop asking for Bachelor’s degrees if you’re only offering 450/Day”. It quickly became a point of disagreement for people and the post was flooded with arguments, as comment sections on social media usually are. 

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Some Facebook users complained about employers asking for too much when they weren’t willing to give back what is due. The rhetoric of “you get what you paid for” was repeated quite a lot by different commenters. They pushed that, logically, a job which pays below minimum wage shouldn’t really need a Bachelor’s degree to satisfy it.

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There were actually just as many people who took the opposing view to say that it was a justified requirement. They talked about how everyone should start from the ground and work their way up. To them, this is just one way for people to accumulate the experience they need. 

Where do you stand on this? 


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