LOOK: Mom sees how busy her daughter is bussing tables at work…and starts to help her!

There’s a simple fact we forget to appreciate from time to time: moms are the best. No matter how old we grow, or how independent we become, they will forever be looking after us or looking out for us. A recent story which went viral on Facebook is the perfect example of this. One Facebook user shared how she and her mother visited her sister at work — only for their mother to start helping her out!

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The status reads:

I have a working student sister then we decided to eat sa store nila sa Mcdonalds navotas pra din bisitahin sya hahaha then pagdating namin sabe nya isa lng daw syang nakaduty na crew sa lobby eh daming customer haha pag kaorder ko ng food nmin gulat ako si Mama nag bubuss out na din #ProudDaughterHere

[I have a working student sister then we decided to eat at Mcdonald’s Navotas so we could visit her. When we arrived my sister told us that she was the only crew on duty at the lobby, but there were so many customers. After I ordered food for us I was surprised to see our Mom helping bus tables.]

mom helps daughter bus tables

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Several commenters commended the family for their teamwork and gushed over how strong a ‘mother’s love’ could be. Others were tagging their own moms and talking about how it reminded them of similar stories. But some chose to focus on how customers should be more mindful of the trash they leave behind so that employees aren’t over-burdened.

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