LOOK: This is probably the most savage ‘dad joke’ we’ve seen yet

I think any kid, whatever the age, can relate to being embarrassed by their parents’ posts on social media. Some parents overshare, some make corny jokes, and some document every little accomplishment you have (but we love them for it!). Whatever the reason, their social media accounts are always a wild card — you never really know what you’re going to get.

Errol Jimenez Cansanay made this clear with his now-viral Facebook post that was basically a savage dad-joke. His daughter, Corrine, sent him some behind-the-scenes photos from her class pictorial and asked him to post them on his page. She messaged: “Pa, Post mo. Lagay mo ganda ng anak mo.” [Pa, post this. Write that your daughter is beautiful.]

So, Errol only did what she asked him to do. He posted a screencap of their conversation and captioned it: “Ayan na anak pinost ko na.” [There you go, I posted it already.]

Ayan na anak pinost ko na?

โพสต์โดย Errol Jimenez Cansanay เมื่อ วันอังคารที่ 19 กุมภาพันธ์ 2019

We reached out to Errol to learn more about this story and he assured us that when his daughter saw the post she was happy. He said: “She [was] happy. Sanay siya kasi sa biruan namin mag ama.” [She’s used to the way we joke together] He also shares that they have a good relationship and are very close, which is probably what allows them to make jokes without any feelings getting badly hurt.

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As far as ’embarassing’ parental posts go, this has got to be one of the best. Got some of your own to share with us?
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