Shop your Favorite Fashion Bloggers’ Shoes, Clothes, Make-up and Accessories at Bloggers United Summer Bazaar 2012

When In Manila and wanting to meet your favorite fashion bloggers while scoring great deals on fashionable finds, Bloggers United is an event you shouldn’t miss!

I’ve been meaning to attend Bloggers United but I was living at Batangas  when the first two installments took place so I just read about it through the attendees’ blog posts post-event. Imagine how happy I was when it was announced at the Bloggers United’s Facebook page that the third installment’s venue will be at Makati. I knew I can’t miss Bloggers United this time!

Last June 2, 2012, Grandview Events Place was overflowing with many of the metro’s stylish people because of Bloggers United Summer Bazaar 2012! I went there with my friend Vey to score some fashionable and affordable finds from my favorite fashion bloggers!

We arrived at around 11:30 AM and the line was down at the second floor! The event was held at the third floor so by that I think you can imagine how many people were there so early to get in. 

Bloggers United 3 crowd

So many people at Bloggers United Summer Bazaar 2012!  



 The bloggers really put effort in making their signages for their booths!  

Bloggers United 3 Stall Signs



Bloggers United 3 Stall Signs

Bloggers United 3 Stall Signs

Tin Iglesias illustrated this. Cool! 

Bloggers United 3 Stall Signs

Bloggers United 3 Stall Signs

Bloggers United 3 Stall Signs

Bloggers United 3 Stall Signs

David Guison and Lissa Kahayon had matching booth adornments. How cute.



I went there to score some shoes and accessories. Most of the bloggers were a size 5,6, or 7. I was going around and around the stalls and finally I found Kookie Buhain‘s spot. We have the same shoe size which is 9!  Her shoes were so edgy and I instantly fell in love with the red So Fab! boots that I immediately tried it on. It was the perfect fit! I bought it and took off my purple pump because my feet needed a break. Too bad I haven’t been to the first two installments of Bloggers United,  I could have scored more fierce shoes at a low price!


Bloggers United 3 Kookie Buhain shoes

Hello new babies! (photo by Kookie Buhain)


What’s more fulfilling other than getting great deals at Bloggers United is they partner up with a chosen organization which they give their proceeds to. This year, they have partnered with Operation Smile so every item you buy from Bloggers United is also a help to kids in need. 


After buying the shoes, I was happily browsing around the other stuff sold by the bloggers. I wish our malls sold stuff like these! We’d be in fashion wonderland.

Bloggers United 3 Accessories

Bloggers United 3 bags



Bloggers United 3 Accessories



Bloggers United 3 Accessories

 Those neon things are bracelets. Fierce!

Bloggers United 3 Accessories

Bloggers United 3 Shoes

Bloggers United 3 Shoes

Bloggers United 3 Catwalk Cosmetics

Bloggers United 3 MAC make-up

Bloggers Uniited 3 Pop Rings

Bloggers United 3 Shoes

Bloggers United 3 Stall Sign

Super sweet deal right here at Bloggers United!

Bloggers United 3 for boys

The boys got to do some shopping too.

Bloggers United 3 Accessories

Rad necklaces! 

Bloggers United 3 Mannequin Display

Loved this mannequin display at Danika Navarro‘s booth


Aside from shopping, there were lots of other things to do at Blogger United!



Bloggers United 3 Nail It! Salon

Php50 manicure / pedicure from Nail It! Salon



Bloggers United 3 Hedgren Booth

Giving a shot at the outfit sketching over at the Hedgren’s booth



Bloggers United 3 Kotex Photobooth

Got souvenir photos from the Kotex Photobooth! Came with a free sanitary



Bloggers United 3 Pink Box Contest

Hair styling contest by Pink Box



Bloggers United 3 Program

Hosts for the Bloggers United Summer Bazaar program,  Gelo Arucan and Melai Entuna



Bloggers United 3 Shoppers

Shopping, shopping, shopping at Bloggers United!



Bloggers United 3 cool shoes

Her shoes and socks were the bomb!


Also got to see some of our friends and schoolmates before! Funny thing was Andy was with Hannah and when she introduced her to me, I thought I have heard her name somewhere. Turns out she was the Hannah Magsayo who was a photographer at Stache Magazine Online and I was a writer there before. She was at Manila for the weekend and she flew in from Davao! Small world! Bloggers United was one of her stops for the weekend.



Bloggers United 3 Andy Comia Hannah Magsayo

Andi Comia and Hannah Magsayo 



Bloggers United 3 Anne Garais

Vey bumped to her friend Anne Garais. She came all the way from Batangas!



It wouldn’t be Bloggers United  without the gorgeous and fashionable beauty and fashion bloggers gracing the event. The shoppers were all over the place and having their photographs taken with the bloggers.


Most of these bloggers have had many opportunities in endorsements, blog sponsors,and  television and print features but they were so nice and accommodating of everyone at Bloggers United. No wonder all these successes have come their way. Some have been sellers since the first Bloggers United but others have only started joining in this installment. 


Here are some of the bloggers I spotted at Bloggers United:



Bloggers United 3 Ava Te Reg Rodriguez

Ava Te  (which I bought two books from) and Reg Rodriguez



Bloggers United 3 Tin Iglesias

The edgy Tin Iglesias



Bloggers United 3 Valerie Chua Marj Sia

Gondo Girls Valerie Chua and Marj Sia



Bloggers United 3 Seph Cham Cris Sy

Seph Cham (half of Love Chic) and Crissey Si



Bloggers United 3 Karl Leuterio Mike Magallanes

Paradigm Shift owners Karl Leuterio and Mike Magallanes



Bloggers United 3 Kryz Uy

Cebu blogger Kryz Uy



Bloggers United 3 Anastasia Siantar

Anastasia Siantar who came all the way from Indonesia!



Bloggers United 3 Joanna Ladrido

Joanna Ladrido and her glowing neon ensemble



Bloggers United 3 Robbie Becroft

Robbie Becroft off duty



Bloggers United 3 David Guison

David Guison with his awesome hairstyle!



Bloggers United 3 Lissa Kahayon

Lovin’ Lissa Kahayon‘s colorful cover-up



Bloggers United 3 Vern Enciso

Floral on floral with Vern Enciso



Bloggers United 3 Dominique Tiu

Wish I can pull off something like what Dominique Tiu was wearing!



Bloggers United 3 Melai Entuna

Melai Entuna (one of the organizers of Bloggers United). She bought her shoes at Bloggers United for 200php coz her mom sold her shoes! 



Bloggers United 3 Tracy Ayson

Tracy Ayson. I follow her at Tumblr!



Bloggers United 3 Patricia Prieto

Also loved what Patricia Prieto was wearing



Bloggers United 3 Laureen Uy

Laureen Uy‘s heel-less shoes were to die for, but it’s not seen in this photo. 



Bloggers United 3 Camille Co

Camille Co looked like a walking Barbie doll!



Bloggers United 3 Gelo Arucan

Gelo Arucan. Check out his pins. It says “So Fashyon, Lissa Kahayon” and “You Turn Me On, David Guison.” How witty!



Bloggers United 3 Ana Gonzales Kelly Medina

Ana Gonzales (one of the organizers of Bloggers United) and Kelly Medina still looking fabulous despite having event duties!


It was a day of fun, fashion, shopping, and interacting with fellow bloggers at Bloggers United! I know I’ll be there on the next one.


So When In Manila, be on the lookout for the next Bloggers United and shop your favorite bloggers’ style!









Shop your Favorite Fashion Bloggers’ Shoes, Clothes, Make-up and Accessories at Bloggers United Summer Bazaar 2012


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