Shnukum Manila: Mermaid Blankets to Channel Your Inner Mermaid and More!

Every now and then, a girl has to reward herself for all the things she has achieved and all of the to-do’s she has ticked off. Who said you can’t celebrate the fact that you survived another week in the concrete jungle or aced the first week of school? Spoiling yourself will not only lift your mood and lower your stress levels; it will also serve as motivation to do even better next time.

What better way to pamper yourself than to shop online for all of the beautiful things you deserve? For your next online shopping spree, we highly suggest you shop at Shnukum Manila! Here’s why.

3. They sell really, really cute outfits!

If you’re on the lookout for trendy clothes that will really bring out the gorgeous fashionista in you, then Shnukum Manila is the shop to go to. Their Instagram feed is filled with all of these stylish pieces of fabric wonders that will fit whatever style you’re sporting – be it laid-back, girly and whatnot. They have coordinates, loose tops, dresses, bralettes, rompers and many, many more.

Why Shop at Shnukum MNL 1

Scroll away because we’re sure you’ll end up wanting to buy 10 or more clothes!

2. Their clothes are so affordable!

As much as we want to channel the inner Kylie Jenner in us, it’s still very important to consider the affordability of the products that we buy. Worry not because now, you can do a whole wardrobe makeover without breaking the bank. Shnukum Manila actually has cool tops for as low as 299 pesos. Plus, when they’re on sale, prices drop down to just 150!

Why Shop at Shnukum MNL 6

1.  They have mermaid blankets!

Who needs regular blankets when you can have mermaid blankets?

Why Shop at Shnukum MNL 3

The current internet sensation is up for grabs and just a few shipping days away from you! Not only will it bring out the mermaid in you, it will also keep you warm from the cold, night air.  They are available in different colors, such as pink, red, purple, blue and yellow. Which color would you get them in?

Why Shop at Shnukum MNL 4

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What are you waiting for? Shop away at Shnukum Manila!

Shnukum Manila

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