Shaved Snow And Savory Chicken Wings Food Trip At Caveman & Yeti and Chicken Park!

When in Manila and looking for a quick cool treat to beat the heat, this next feature of ours is really worth checking out! Allow us to take you on a cool work break food trip at a place I recently discovered! The name… Caveman & Yeti and Chicken Park!




Ube Mungster

I recently developed a liking for cold treats, thanks to photo buddy Frank however, I really feel guilty after eating ice cream ‘coz I know it’ll add another inch to my waist! ahuhhuhu Good thing I discovered Caveman & Yeti! As what Dazzle Ng (one of the owners) said during our chat, “It’s lighter than ice cream, cheaper than yogurt!” hmm I really agree!


afternoon feast



It’s basically flavored shaved snow topped with all the goodies you like! The concept according to Irene (part owner and Dazzle’s sis in-law),  was brought here from Taiwan so we Pinoys can also experience a little taste of winter in a cup. It’s very soft and light! Melts in you mouth! It really feels like you’re having snow for dessert!



yum yum!



This afternoon, I sort of kidnapped some of my lucky co-workers (Sher, Mandy & Jhona) to join me on this food trip!  The people from Caveman & Yeti and Chicken Park prepared their specialties for us so we were very excited! We seldom have the chance to bond at work so I thought this would be a good activity for my team! I’m also celebrating my 5th year as a teacher today so I’d like to share my joy with them as well! yey!


Sher, Mandy and Jhona

As always, let my photos do the talking again to show you how we truly enjoyed this sweet and cool office break time escape….



For the Caveman & Yeti specialties, we got the chance to taste their Ube Mungster, Choconutty and Strawberry Heart w/ Mallows and Sprinkles! They were such a delight to look at and of course, each had their own distinct taste!



shaved ube snow, topped with ube-mongo and condensed milk




vanilla shaved snow topped with strawberry preserves, mallows and sprinkles




peanut shaved snow topped with thick choco syrup!



What I liked most about these cool treats is that they’re not too sweet!  As you know, I’m not really into overly sweet stuff. I always look for balance, textures etc. I’m glad to say that each ingredient complimented each other well!







From the 3, we all agreed the Ube Mungster tasted best! It was very “malinamnam”!







We also tried some toasted mini-mochi buns! I believe they’re becoming very popular nowadays! For those who haven’t tried it, you better do it right ayaw! For this one, I believe it’s best when topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with thick luscious chocolate syrup!! Mochibun Ala Mode! Yeah!







me with the girls





Mochibun Ala Mode




For the Chicken Park treats, we got to try their Chicken Wings and their Potato Wedges! At first I asked myself, “dessert and chicken?” I must admit, I found it a little weird at first but I realized that they do make a good tandem! Sweet and Savory!  Nom nom nom….


 forget u not =P


We tried their Original Wings and Ginger Soy Wings! Both tasted very good! Sher liked the Ginger Soy a lot! It was really savory! You can definitely taste the ginger, no doubt! I personally liked the Original Chicken Wings because once again, I found it to be balanced! Something I would choose for lunch! The presentation however was a little plain but I’m sure they can come up with a more creative way to make it look more appealing!




Their Potato Wedges were very restaurant style! It was done exactly as how I wanted it! Also, it wasn’t too salty which was good! I enjoyed this a lot! Great to know I got another option when craving for potatoes. I’m so fed-up by fast food fries…really!





 diggin’ in



Their Chicken Chop I may say, was very good! It was very crispy yet tender inside! It was also quite big! Great value for money!






The owners told me they cater to mostly students and workers around the area. I find the place to be very hip and appealing!! The interiors look very colorful, fun and playful! No wonder it’s a hit with youngsters! It’s a cool place to hang around! Ideal place for casual chit chats with your girlfriends!






people just love it here!





All in all, the experience was terrific! Bravo! You’ve seen the photos, and pictures never lie! Thank You so much Dazzle, Irene and the whole staff of Caveman & Yeti and Chicken Park for this wonderful experience!! We’ll be seeing more of you guys soon!!!




 the staff

Oh and because we would like you and your barkada to experience this as well, we’re giving away a barkada food trip treat!
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our barkada treat for you!



Treat yourselves to this “light indulgence”!

Caveman &Yeti and Chicken Park: lighter than ice cream, cheaper than yogurt! Affordable yet so satisfying! Another must experience when in Manila!

Caveman & Yeti and Chicken Park
Ground floor 8101 Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
(across UA&P)
for deliveries, contact (02) 622-25-75

Frank and I would like to thank you all for appreciating our reviews and  food photos! We also would like to thank our editor-in-chief Vince for being very supportive of us! It’s truly an honor to be part of the WIM team! 


Shaved Snow And Savory Chicken Wings Food Trip At Caveman & Yeti and Chicken Park

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