Sennheiser IE60 in-ear earphones: Unlimited vocal bliss

When In Manila, who would ever dislike having their favorite singers boosting their powerful voices and listening to them with all the sheer power and sheer smoothness? It’s not always about the bass or that insane guitar solo or the drummer banging his heart out. It’s always going to be the vocals on vocal songs that will often be the strength and attraction to our ears. I’m talking about this because here comes the Sennheiser IE60, the revised version of the old Sennheiser IE6, coming with it’s immense love for mids and vocals.









Packaging/Build: The Sennheiser IE60 comes with an almost similar packaging and accessories that comes with the Sennheiser IE80. It still retains that carrying case that is quite too big for the pocket. I always did dislike the carrying case that Sennheiser includes since the line of the Sennheiser IE8 and IE6. It was just too big for the pocket, and for the size, it can only include 2 extra pairs of tips, as well as the cleaning tool. If it were going to retain the size, I wish they just had the carrying case made similar to the Unique Melody cases that had and extra side for accessories, or anything you want to bring along.

Build quality of the Sennheiser IE60 was pretty much identical to the old Sennheiser IE6, for those who are familiar. It’s fully plastic, thought the restrains seem to be capable enough to protect the cable and drivers from sudden cable tugs or wear and tear. It’s not as sturdy built like the Sennheiser IE8 or IE80, but it’s no slouch on build quality by itself. My only gripe with the Sennheiser IE60 is with how the driver housings are shaped, combined with the weird placement of the cables. They tend to be a little weird to plug-in, and annoying when fit is an issue. I also think that the supplied tips could be the culprit for fit issues, I had to use the double flange tips just to get a proper seal. I often just use stock medium and large tips without any problem, but with the supplied Sennheiser tips with the IE60, the material just feels itchy and non-sealing.


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