Senator Ramon Revilla’s “Other Woman”


On this beautiful Tuesday morning, I find myself  hanging out in my friendly neighborhood Starbucks and skimming through the news, which of course is jam packed with everything that has to do with the brutal murder of Ramgen Revilla. I don’t feel the necessity to discuss the details of the case as I’m pretty sure you guys are up to date with it, but I do want to share this article with you.


The article, Sen. Ramon Revilla’s “Other Woman”, was written by columnist Raissa Robles and is an interesting look at the side of the story that we don’t hear on the news, that of the woman who is mother to both the slain and the accused. The article is an awesome piece of investigative journalism, so get comfortable in your seat, cue the telenovela music, get ready, set, read! 


Sen. Ramon Revilla’s “Other Woman” by Raissa Robles


I was debating with myself whether to write about this. Sleep on it and wait for more developments, my hubby Alan who is my de facto editor, advised me.


And so I did. I’m glad I did.


Because Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. did a most unusual thing this Saturday. He agreed to be interviewed by phone on the TV gossip show Startalk.


Hours later, that very night, he staged what the Philippine Daily Inquirerdescribed was “a hastily called press conference” where he asked the Department of Foreign Affairs “to exert legal and diplomatic efforts to bring Ramona back to the country and face our justice system.”


Now Saturday press conferences are unusual in the news business. A prominent personality calls for a weekend press con when he has an urgent thing to say. Or when he wants to downplay an important thing, knowing people are resting and won’t really bother to read it. Sundays are usually busy family days.


A weekend press conference could also indicate haste or panic… Click here for the full article. 




Okay, as I was reading the article, a million thoughts were going through my head, at some points I was annoyed with Genelyn’s behavior, at other times, I felt bad for her… So yeah, here are a couple of my thoughts, take note that I am trying to be as objective as possible, and that hopefully you would respect my opinions as I’m sure to be respectful of yours: 


1. As a mistress, more often than not, life will be very difficult for you, especially when speaking of financial matters with the first family and legitimate heirs still alive. There may be laws implemented that will supposedly protect you and your children, but come on, given the fact that our justice system works at a snail’s pace, nothing is going to be given to you that easily. 


2. As an adult, let alone as a mother, I think it’s only proper that you avoid turning your Facebook account into an online diary. Like the saying goes, “Don’t Facebook your problem, FACE the problem”.


3. I highly doubt that Genelyn is stupid, I’m going to assume that she was given a good education and was, in one way or another, raised well by her parents, so I do not understand why she seems overly dependent on the monthly allowance given to her and/or her children. You’re old enough and “active” enough to give birth to 9 children, use the same energy to go to work. Besides, even if you were given 1 million pesos a year, that is more than enough to raise 9 children. The Philippines has got bigger families living on a more meager budget and they’re doing just fine. 


4. To a certain extent, I commend Sen. Ramon Revilla for being man enough to (presumably) take care of ALL his children, I can see that he’s a loving and doting father, but come on woman! Of course your finances are going to dwindle, no offense, but the man has 15 other wives and tons of other children to take care of! It’s not like earning money is getting any easier these days.


I’m reminded of Mano Po 2, the one with Christopher de Leon, Judy Ann Santos and etc. I remember the scene wherein Judy Ann’s character is telling her on-screen sister that as a man, people can trash talk him (Christopher’s character) all they want, but as a father, they have nothing against him because he was always there for his kids.


5. Lastly, I’m sorry, since when was being a mistress something to be proud of? Kindly enlighten me. I understand that women may do it for certain “noble” reasons, but.. Is it really something that needs to be publicized? I just don’t get it, I understand that our culture entails our being more understanding and open- minded, but where do we cross the line? Please, seriously, I need to know. 



Senator Ramon Revilla’s “Other Woman”




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