The Secret Side of BF : Siam Noodle House. A Foodtrip Gem.


When In Manila, we’re always in search of those hidden gems of places that often come unassuming but pack a lot of delicious punch to what they have to offer.  We’ve found one in BF, one of the foodie places in the south of metro, called Siam Noodle House.

Now to anyone who frequents this area, this is definitely a new place to try out – although there is a plethora of choices in the area, this place oozes of authentic Thai simplicity. To those from QC, Makati, Manila & the rest of the metro – what would make the trip here worth your while?

It may be a little hard to find (that’s how gems are found), but its just beside Pancake House along President’s Ave and Aguirre.  Do not be fooled by entrances because as you go in…



It opens up to a sophisticated Thai ambiance.



Its cozy to start off any date or small gathering.  No wonder the interiors are so rich, its because Siam Noodle House is the little sister of Just Thai (with branches at The Fort & Molito, Alabang) – so you know its coming from a heritage of great authentic Thai dishes.

At Siam Noodle house, the same Thai dishes take on a little more charming approach.

Let me start with POH PIA TOD, Crispy Thai Spring Rolls with Chili Sauce – Php 165. Is perfect to start any meal, maybe because its something very familiar to our tastebuds, but once you bite in, you know its deliciously different.


On to the noodles, oh my gosh, the Glass Noodle Salad, (P150) is divine as you pour on Thai fish sauce right before you devour it.


The KUAITIAO MOO, Crispy Pork Noodle Soup (Php 160) is a light soup which I personally like because of how fresh it tastes.


Then you get a deeper flavour with the KUAITIAO NEUA, Signature Beef (Php 160). Very tasty and comforting.


But something very different, but familiar at the same time is the KUAITIAO KROK KAPI, Shrimp Paste Surprise (Php 160) which is like Bagoong Rice but in noodle form.  Another must-try.


Tom Yum is on the list too, along with Seafood Green Curry and Spicy Pork.  Other Thai dishes we’re already familiar with like Pad Thai & Chicken in Basil are also on the menu.  So if you’re craving for some Thai food in a charming ambiance, then Siam Noodle House hits home.

For desert, the Banana Friter and Sticky Rice with Mango are perfect sweets to top off this experience.


Talk about way to top that off! Makes me hungry.



It feels healthy eating here but man are your tastebuds satisfied! You’ll fall in love with the interiors too.

When In Manila and you’re wondering where to take Dad somewhere endearing on father’s day, Siam Noodle House just might be that cozy gem you’re looking for to make wonderful memories in.


Siam Noodle House

President’s Ave cor Aguirre

(02) 776-4280

Open from 11am – 11pm daily.

Facebook : Siam Noodle House

Instagram : SiamNoodleHouse