Sebastian’s Box: Finding Joy in Yummy Treats

Happiness may seem too ephemeral at times. One moment you’re full of joy then something not-so-good happens, leaving you sad or frustrated all of a sudden. However, that doesn’t mean that you can no longer do anything to put a smile on your face. In fact, even simple things can suddenly spark joy in you. It can be a humble yet very thoughtful present from a friend or an item you’ve been wanting to buy from the mall. Or, if you’re like me, it can be as simple as food.

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sebastians box crinkles

This is why I don’t stop discovering new dishes and treats that actually have the power to cheer me up during tough times. And recently, I’ve learned about Sebastian’s Box, a good brand of chocolate crinkles.

I’ve already tried different crinkles in my whole lifetime. I can still recall the crinkle obsession I had many years ago. For some reason, everyone was craving it and almost every bakery in the city had its own take of the most wanted cookie. And since I have always been so curious about anything sweet and chocolatey, I was able to sample crinkles from different bakers and brands.

sebastians box crinkles

But this one from Sebastian’s Box is different, I could tell. Apart from having just the right amount of sweetness, it is also soft and it melts in the mouth. Its taste is also a proof of how generous its maker is in terms of ingredients. “Hindi tinipid,” like what other satisfied customers say.

Even if you refrigerate it, it won’t harden a lot; you could still chew it very easily. This just means that you can actually store a tub or two in your fridge to make sure you’ll have something to indulge in whenever you want to. Sure, you can have this while having coffee!

sebastians box crinkles

Behind the brand is Ann Esposo, a full-time mom, part-time baker, and part-time headhunter. She started the business in 2016, which she named after her son Sebastian Luke. At first, she was selling only banana loaves but eventually, she also began selling crinkles. She took a break for some time and resumed selling goodies in February of this year.

Ann bakes crinkles in small batches on a daily basis (from Mondays to Fridays only). She does this to ensure the quality of every crinkle and perform her duties a mom and as a recruitment professional after. She even finds time enough for workout. She’s a wonder woman, indeed!

sebastians box crinkles

A tub (12 pcs.) of Sebastian’s Box crinkles costs Php130 for Classic Chocolate and Php150 for Chocolate Matcha. Orders can be delivered by GrabExpress (same day) or JRS Express (next day). Shipping fee should be paid by the customer. To place an order, kindly contact Sebastian’s Box through the information below. You may also drop by Kimchiladas (KorMex Fusion) in Better Living’, Paranaque.

Sebastian’s Box by Ann Esposo

Viber: 0999 837 2854
Instagram: @sebastiansbox @annesposo