Season of Giving: 10 Gift Ideas Below PhP 200

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The Holiday Season is also known as the “Season of Giving”. Since it is just around the corner, we bet that you are already searching for the best gifts you can give to your loved ones. However, not everyone has deep pockets but that does not mean you cannot get nice gifts without breaking the bank. Of course, you want to spend your hard-earned money on gifts that are worth it, that will certainly make your “giftees” happy.

We know that it is challenging to find awesome gifts on the budget but it is not impossible. We’re here to help you out! Here, we list down some amazing gift ideas you can get for PhP 200 or less.

10. Hair Molding Clay

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For your giftee to look cool and slick all the time, you can get them this Bench Fix Professionals Clay Doh. Be it in the office or for a party, this hair product allows hassle-free hair styling without mess. It is also easy to wash afterwards.

The Bench Fix Professionals Clay Doh is available at any Bench store or Watson’s with an SRP of PhP 95. Get two for your PhP 200 budget.

9. Lottery Tickets

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There are games where the tickets cost PhP 20 each, like the Grandlotto 6/55 and the Megalotto 6/45. The Grandlotto 6/55 is played thrice weekly every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday while the Megalotto 6/45 is played on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The Grandlotto 6/55 has a Minimum Jackpot Prize of PhP 30 million while the Megalotto 6/45 has a Minimum Jackpot Prize of PhP 9 million.

So, you can get 10 pieces of either games or mix and match them. That would be exactly PhP 200. Who knows, they might just become an instant millionaire on Christmas Day.

8. Solar Bicycle Tail Light

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For the one who love sports, this Solar Bicycle Tail Light is a perfect gift. If your giftee is someone who likes to ride their bike in the wee hours of the morning or until late at night, this tail light will let them do so while ensuring that they can be seen by passing cars. This sturdy tail light is easy to mount and easy to spot to guarantee the rider’s safety.

Price starts at PhP 168 and it can be purchased online via Lazada.

7. Electronic Lighter

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Creating a bonfire when exploring the great outdoors can be tough especially with the strong wind blowing around. Therefore, experienced backpackers know that carrying an electronic lighter always comes in handy. If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves to go on trails less traveled, an electronic lighter is something they can find very useful and you don’t have to spend a fortune for it.

You can find reliable electronic lights with price between PhP 100 and PhP 200 at a nearby Handyman or Ace Hardware.

6. Air Freshener

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As Christmas Day draws near, we begin to feel the chill of December breeze. And what’s the best way to complement this but to give the air a fresh scent? For 199.75, you can give a spray can of freshness in the air with this Fresh-O-Matic Air Freshener that you can buy from Ace Hardware.

If your recipient wants to keep their car or home smelling fresh, the Fresh-O-Matic Air Freshener is a spot on gift.

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