Search for the Best Burger in Metro Manila with ZAP!

Search for the Best Burger in Metro Manila with ZAP!burger_teaser


The Search for The Best Burger in Metro Manila


Remember that episode of How I Met Your Mother where the gang spent a night in search of the legen—wait for it—dary Best Burger in New York? We’re taking on Metro Manila with the same challenge from today until the end of May (National Burger Month). Join us!


Make your vote count so we can determine once and for all which burger in our metro deserves the much coveted title. Plus, you could win a FREE Best Burger in Metro Manila for yourself and three friends!


Every Wednesday and Saturday, watch out for ZAP’s featured Burger Brawl contenders, sample one (or all!) and vote by posting a picture via Instagram with #ZAPBurgerBrawl and @ZAPtagPH. Enter the challenge by reposting this:


Don’t forget to sign up for a FREE ZAP account here [] so you can earn 5% CashBack every time you sample one of the featured burgers! You even get P50 ZAP points just for signing up through’s link.


ZAP makes the search for the Best Burger in Metro Manila even more rewarding. Who would have thought it could get better than having a huge slab of juicy meat in your mouth every week (or every day, for the most dedicated Burger Connoisseurs)?


With a ZAP account, not only do you earn 5% CashBack while on your search. You get 5% to 20% CashBack from all their partner establishments, including Happy Lemon, Shi Lin, Adidas, Beyond the Box, The Spa and over 300 more restaurants, bars, retail establishments, spas, salons, fitness centers and gadget stores.


Check out this video to see how easy it is—no need for apps, smartphones or cards, just a regular cellphone number registered with ZAP:



We won’t keep you from that burger that’s calling your name. When in Manila, one does not shy away from an excellent excuse to sample 18 burgers. Go ahead, indulge, and earn CashBack points with ZAP while you’re at it!




Search for the Best Burger in Metro Manila with ZAP!