SdP@5: The UP College of Mass Communication Takes You Inside the Box!

Sining del Pilar

Being inside a box has never been this liberating!

This year’s Sining del Pilar (SdP), an annual student academic conference that showcases works of students from the Department of Broadcast Communication at the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication (UP CMC), is set to entertain and educate media scholars and enthusiasts alike on March 24-27, 2015 at the UP Diliman CMC Media Center TV Studio as they bring everyone inside the box of broadcast arts and industry.

SdP 2015 is set to kick off with its freshly revamped look and theme, “What’s Inside the Box?”, that caters to audiences from UP and other universities who are communication students or just plain broadcast media savvy.

Oftentimes, being inside a box is associated with limited actions and thinking. On its fifth year, SdP 2015 is geared to show you that being inside the box can also be synonymous to a wide academic plane where intellectuals and broad-minded people converge. As the event let everyone dive in and explore inside the box of research/criticism papers and audio/video productions that tackle issues of social relevance, a new meaning of the phrase is born.

SdP 2015 is divided into two sections: The Cecilia Lazaro Kritika Series and Sineng Lito Tiongson. The former is named after esteemed broadcast journalist and former faculty of the Broadcast Department, Cecilia “Cheche” Lazaro. It highlights research and criticism papers that examine various broadcast and related media texts and the social contexts in which these are produced, circulated and consumed. Meanwhile, the latter is named after Lito Tiongson, a graduate and also a former faculty of the Department. Sineng Lito Tiongson showcases video documentaries, sound design experiments, animations and other similar audio and video exploration concepts of the students.

Launched in 2011 by the Broadcast Department (Commission on Higher Education Center of Excellence in Broadcasting), SdP’s main objective is to “serve as an intersection of production and criticism outputs by broadcast media students.”

Sining del Pilar


Twitter: @siningdelpilar

Text by Patricia Clarisse Alvarez

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