Say Cheese: These Addicting Cakes Have Alcohol in Them

If there are two things in the world that I love more than anything, it would be cake and alcohol. :p Say Cheese was brilliant enough to put these two amazing things together into one product, and words cannot express just how grateful I am!

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Alyanna Ferrer is a fashion design graduate from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde who recently quite her job in hopes of pursuing her career as a fashion designer. However, due to the pandemic, things did not go exactly as planned. Just like everyone else, she had to take a step back and think of another way to make ends meet. Who would’ve thought that a classic dessert would be a way for her to start a new business venture and find a new creative outlet in the midst of the pandemic?

Alongside her sister, who is a Senior High student taking the arts&design track at De La Salle University, Say Cheese was brought to life – a digital dessert shop that serves no bake cheesecakes with a boozy twist. And trust me when I say that every bite of these cakes will make you smile. They will definitely make each day in quarantine much more bearable… or at least it will if you love cake and alcohol as much as I do. :p

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The Say Cheese sisters have partnered with trusted licensed riders within their community in San Pedro, Laguna to deliver their goods within the South and Metro Manila. Once the rider has picked up the items, you will be informed on what to do upon receiving the cheesecakes through a detailed message along with a short clip that you can watch. They advise refrigerating the cakes for 30 minutes or freezing them for 10-15 minutes before consuming. (I prefer them frozen, but it’s really a matter of preference.)

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As of the moment, they have two variants on the menu: Tiramisu and Baileys Cheesecakes. Both flavors are infused with alcohol, giving the traditional cheesecakes a boozy twist. They have the perfect balance of creaminess, sweetness, and a strong taste of alcohol that will help you de-stress in a matter of minutes. They aren’t just limited to alcohol-infused cheesecakes, either. They also plan to launch more flavors to cater to a wider range of taste preference.

Alyanna shares that she used to love dining out and having drinks with her friends pre-quarantine. “Creating boozy cheesecake desserts made it possible for me to relive those moments even during the pandemic,” she explains. “In that same way, our brand wants to bring the same experience to those who miss their own weekend hangouts, too.” That is exactly what they have done, and I absolutely love them for it!

Say Cheese

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SayCheese.Desserts

Instagram: @saycheese.desserts

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