‘Saving Sally’ Is a Promising Indie Film of Love, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy


When you’re on social media, sometimes it can get to overwhelming with all the noise and toxicity. However, every now and then, you stumble upon hidden gems that pique your interest.

Today, while doing my usual lurking on social media, I stumbled upon an upcoming indie film entitled “Saving Sally”.

The trailer, which shows real people (one of them is Rhian Ramos) embedded on animated scenes, really caught my attention. In addition to that, the language used in the film is purely in English (as far as what I’ve seen on the trailer).

Saving Sally – Trailer BThis year, promise.

(this trailer is also on youtube https://youtu.be/iUPkvvufHQk)

Posted by Saving Sally on Monday, April 4, 2016

That’s something you don’t see everyday.

Here’s the plot of the film:

Marty is an aspiring comic-book artist who is secretly in love with his beautiful best friend, Sally, the gadget inventor. Like every love story, there are complications: Sally has abusive monster parents and a literal dick for a boyfriend, while Marty has the innate ability to do nothing about everything despite his vivid fantasies of defending the love of his life from the big bad world.

The film stars Rhian Ramos, Enzo Marcos, TJ Trinidad, and more.

After reading some more on their Facebook page, I learned that the indie film submitted for MMFF. There is this one post saying:

So we submitted to MMFF today. There are over 60 projects vying for 8 slots. 7 of those slots will most likely go to the big players. The odds are tough. It’s like trying to hit the moon with a slingshot. I just hope it’s a fair fight. We have neither clout or money. Just the film which we hope the panel would like & we get to fulfill our promise of sharing this film with you folks this year. Fingers crossed. For now we wait as we always have

(Or do we make noise? let MMFF know this is something people need to see? How do we even go about that?)


Goodluck Saving Sally! We hope you get that big shot at MMFF!

For now, we’ll keep tuned in to updates via your Facebook page. 🙂