Satisfy Your Hunger Pangs with Hungry Thoughts Party Trays!


Banish those hungry thoughts with these yummy trays!

When in Manila, putting together a mini gathering or a fun party with your dearest friends and family has never been easier with Hungry Thoughts!




Whether it be a small gathering or a semi-grand function, us Filipinos are absolutely fond of celebrations. And I bet you’ll agree that half the fun of these events is planning and putting them together. I’ve recently experienced this myself when my workmates and I set out to put together a surprise baby shower for our beloved workmate who was due to deliver her baby boy this month. My friends and I had the best time brainstorming all these cute baby shower concepts and researching on the perfect theme and décor!




I gotta say though, the most challenging part of planning a small-scale party is the meal prep. Being a busy bunch of healthcare workers, we wanted something fast, convenient, affordable, and yummy! This dilemma of ours thus introduced us to the cool and convenient concept of party trays. We were especially lucky to have discovered Hungry Thoughts, and here are three good reasons why you should save yourself the trouble and #treatyoself and your friends to this worthy indulgence at your next party:



Creamy Chicken Pesto – PHP 1,350 (good for 10 pax)

#1 So Sulit! Worth Every Peso!

We all love a good deal, especially when it’s food-related. Hungry Thoughts’ party food tray prices range from PHP 800 to PHP 1,300, and can easily feed up to 10 hungry tummies. That’s only around PHP130 per person, with lots of yummy options to choose from; super sulit if you ask me! Our four trays of beef, pasta, rice and sandwiches filled up our party of 18 quite well, with leftovers to spare.



Cajun Clubhouse Sandwiches – PHP 1,300 (good for 10 pax)

#2 Hassle-Free Pig-Outs!

As I’ve mentioned, work takes up most of our group’s time. In between our 12-hour shifts and errand-filled weekends, we just didn’t have the luxury of spending hours in the kitchen to cook and prepare our dishes. Hungry Thoughts’ doorstep delivery sure saved us all our trouble. After a very easy transaction (the owner is super friendly and accommodating!) through SMS, all dishes were delivered straight to our doorstep just in time for our party. Hungry Thoughts also accepts orders within 3 days’ notice, perfect for those last-minute planners.




Pan-seared Pork Chops with Mushroom Gravy – PHP 1,500 (good for 10 pax)

#3 It’s Soooooo Yummy!

Take your pick from Hungry Thoughts’ selection of pig-out-appropriate party dishes like their cheesy oven baked potato halves, juicy rack of baby back ribs, Cajun clubhouse sandwiches, and roast chicken with roasted garlic and rosemary potatoes. Not only do these dishes sound good, they taste great too! Everyone especially loved the Cajun clubhouse sandwiches; tasty toasted sandwich slices with tomatoes, bacon, cheese and lots more good stuff!




So when in Manila and planning your next get-together, make it yummy and totally stress-free with Hungry Thoughts PH’s selection of pasta and roast dishes.


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