Satisfy Your Hot n’ Spicy Cravings with this Customizable Chili Garlic

Written by Clarissa Li

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely, positively LOVE anything spicy. Pasta? Add chili flakes. Ramen? Add chili oil. Dimsum? Add chili garlic.

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And so I was ecstatic when I discovered Papi’s Chili Garlic.


Now, gone are the days where I had to add soy sauce to my siomai because it’s too bland to add ONLY chili garlic. Gone, too, are the days when I needed to search far and wide for the perfect chili garlic—because Papi’s Chili Garlic is actually customizable!

Now you might be thinking: customizable chili garlic? What are you talking about? Actually, it’s exactly what you think.

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Papi’s Chili Garlic gives you the option to adjust the chili and garlic composition, giving your tastebuds an experience that is unique to it. Not only that, but these are so mouthwateringly delicious that you’ll probably (albeit, accidentally!) finish the whole jar in one sitting. (I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m eating the chili garlic as I write this. I’m obsessed.)

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But what if you want the taste without too much spice?

That’s okay too as they actually offer levels of intensity in mild, moderate, and severe for all type of chili garlic lovers. Plus, they don’t even have preservatives in it. Talk about treating yourself without the guilt!

You can add Papi’s Chili Garlic to absolutely anything. Add it to your rice, your lomi, your ramen, and even your soup! (Or even eat it on its own if you can handle it!)

And if you’re still hesitant, I’m urging you to give this a taste. Not only will you fall in love with the taste of the perfect chili garlic combination, but you’ll also get to enjoy your meals with the perfect amount of flavorful spice—because it’s customized for you.

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So don’t keep on settling for less than 100% satisfactory chili garlic, because any chili-lover would agree—you deserve ONLY THE BEST chili garlic!

For orders, visit Papi’s Chili Garlic on Instagram (@papischiligarlic).

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