Sassa Swimsuits: Your One-Stop Shop for Sporty and Sexy Swimwear

Sassa Swimsuits: Your One-Stop Shop for Sporty and Sexy Swimwear


Summer is that time of the year when we hit the beach, do water sports and enjoy the heat of sun! Have you prepared your sunblock, your swimwear and the rest of your beach getaway bag yet? 

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Why Sassa?

One of the first few articles I wrote for wheninmanila.com was about Sassa, which was way back in 2011 (read it here). Almost 3 years later, I can say that Sassa has maintained the quality and value of their swimwear, while greatly improving on their colors and designs at the same time. From the shades of black, navy blue and grey, Sassa swimsuits are now more fun, funky and fab.

If you are looking for swimwear that will bring out the best assets of your body – something hat you can use for active water sports or something that is unlike the other ones in today’s market yet at an affordable price to boot, Sassa swimsuits would be your answer to that! From two-piece bikinis to colorful and sporty rash guards and tankinis to sexy one-piece swimsuits, you name it, Sassa has it! 


Sassa Swimsuits: My Personal Choices

I’ve been fond of swimsuits since forever! I have read magazine articles about the correct swimsuit for a body type, what colors to choose depending on your complexion, whether to get printed or plain… all of the rules that make choosing a pair very complicated! I have simply decided that as long as I feel sexy and comfortable with the pair that I’m wearing, then it is a good pair for me. The point is: choosing the right pair is never about the rules; it merely depends on you! 

Sassa Activewear Swimsuits 14Your body is your only guide 🙂 

This is the pair I would wear for water sports. Since the bikini top has 2 straps, it is definitely more secured in front. At the back, it is hooked with a secure lock that isn’t easy to remove during any activity—sexy and secure!

Sassa Activewear Swimsuits

Sassa Activewear Swimsuits 2

If I am with mere acquaintances, I would wear this piece. Why? simply because it balances everything out. It covers what needs to be covered and flaunts what needs to flaunted. Mixing printed tops and plain bottoms keeps the look BALANCED.

Sassa Activewear Swimsuits 11

Sassa Activewear Swimsuits 12

This style is my favorite since it is fun and colorful! I find this piece very stylish since the tie is in front unlike the usual bikini top that is tied at the back. Also, the back is designed similar to a razorback, which adds a sporty feel to it. I might bring this the next time I go surfing! Bikini under the rash guard. 🙂 Help our local surfers by joining forces with The Circle Hostel here.

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Blue has always been a favorite color for Sassa. This time, however, instead of just one shade, they are using two shades of blue. The combinations of blue with metal make this piece more attractive and sexy. Although triangle style bikinis are usually for the small-chested, I love wearing them because I feel good and happy in them. Just as I said earlier: it isn’t about the rules!

Sassa Activewear Swimsuits 6

Sassa Activewear Swimsuits 8

If I had well-defined abs, I would really go for corset-type bikinis! There’s just something about corsets that make them really sexy when worn! 

Sassa Activewear Swimsuits 15

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And when I feel like not showing too much skin, this one piece would definitely be my choice. Not too showy, very simple but still classy.  

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I would definitely choose Sassa for my swimsuit pieces any day! Not only because their price is affordable, but also because their swimsuits are of top quality and style. The fabrics used are also chlorine-tested and don’t fade with sun and chlorine exposure! Sporty, chic, classy, fun, sexy…What more could you ask for?

When In Manila, if you plan to stand out on your beach getaway, take a second look at Sassa swimsuits, you might find your piece that will make you break the rules!

Check out Sassa swimwear’s 2014 collection here 🙂


Sassa Swimwear is available at your leading department stores nationwide.

You may also purchase them online through https://www.zalora.com.ph/sassa/









Sassa Swimsuits: Your One Stop Shop for Sporty and Sexy Swimwear